Current Storylines

Assembling the Key to Heaven:
Kyros is attempting to collect the parts of the key that can open the Doorway to Heaven in Planquin. It was divided into three parts, one was part of the panoply of Yoroon Shalal the legendary Sorcerer-King of Ys.
The second was part of the imperial panoply of Haven.
The third belonged to Ophris Nirupama, Raja of the Dreaming Sea and one of the Seven Tigers of the Shogunate and is probably with her body in what is now the Lair of the Phoenix Snake.
The first part of the key has been recovered.

Overcoming the Phoenix Snake:
In order to explore the Lair of the Phoenix Snake a method too defeat the immortal behemoth must be discovered. After consulting with a scholar the circle found out that it was worshipped and possibly controlled by an ancient culture that thrived in the deserts.
This culture formed the basis of the crocodile-priests of Mada and they defend its ruins from interlopers. Further information may be found in their holy city of Atwak.

Lost Treasures:
There are several well-known ruins in the Aflectos Region, which have not been fully explored for various regions.
You have befriended the mutants of Blood Cove.
You found the hidden Solar Tomb beneath the Winter Tomb.
You completed the trials of Canticle.
You escaped from the Unshaped Raksha which is masquerading as Old Town.
You were unable to penetrate the defensive wards of White Gold Temple

The Legacy of the Sorcerer-King:
Yoroon Shalal, the sorcerer-king of Ys, vanished centuries ago as he sailed his Travelling Palace into the desert.
You have found where the palace crashed, but it requires a hearthstone set in the control torc to activate and is more than half buried in the sand.
You have found the crash site and defeated the hungry ghosts there.

Taking Over Blood Cove:
Blood Cove might make a suitable base of operations, now that you have driven out the disease god that was preying on the locals.
It is a uncapped water desmense and a natural fortress currently inhabited by mutant pirates.

Finding Lycaea:
The ancient Lunar Lycaea has challenged Kyros to come and visit her in her secret lair. She could be a useful Ally, or a dangerous enemy.

Revenge of the Onyx Hawks:
Athenais survived Mahavir’s attempt to assassinate her. She will probably try to get revenge on him as well as Melati of the Rising Dawn and Kyros who helped him.

The Folly of the Sorcerer-King:
Thegum the Eternal, a mad, immortal sorcerer-prince wants the Mystic Gauntlet of Yoroon Shalal and Cloak of the Setting Sun from the circle. He intends to do so by systematically destroying Kyros’ life.
Thegum was a contemporary of Yoroon-Shalal the Sorcerer-King and previuos incarnation of Kyros. He was stripped of his physical form and stricken from the Ys records for the crimes of treason and infernalism.
He has attempted to murder Kyros and Dhany through sorcery.
He had blood apes kill Kyros’ parents while his other minions kidnapped his sister.
He destroyed Melati’s Mansion while the circle was away, killing her last few servants and acquiring various business records which could be used to further damage her finances.

Completed Storylines

End of the Onyx Hawks:
The Onyx Hawks have been taken over by Athenais, after the previous leaders tried to have her killed.
Kanchana Mahavir also tried to assassinate her, but she escaped thanks to help of a Bloody Hand.

Failed/Abandoned Storylines

Joining the Onyx Hawks:
Kanchana Mahavir was given a test of loyalty by the Onyx Hawks before he could join the organisation. He was ordered to steal a priceless relic from Prince Pherenike.
He refused and left Planquin for months.

Playing Politics:
Dhany Aag Kathakalli approached Leda and offered to assist her with her goals to improve life for the poor in Planquin. She needed help getting funding and political backing for building schools to provide basic free education and well as improving medical assistance for the foot towns.
Leda was unable to secure funding, manpower or any additional support in the council. Pressure from barbarian raids has forced Leda to abandon these projects.

Guild Expedition to Haven:
Melati of the Rising Dawn has invested in the Guild expedition to Haven after several other investors have pulled out under pressure from House Cynis and Prasad. However it seems the endeavour has been cursed to fail.
It seems the curse is actually targeted at Haven, Melati’s finances are merely incidental damage. Kyros used his sorcery to warn Unfettered Eternal Brilliance of the situation and they have dispatched their Dusk caste Serenity in Steel to accompany the expedition.
Expedition will set off in the last week of Descending Water RY 679.
The expedition was destroyed by “pirates”


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