Melati's Mansion

Located on the western edge of the disk of Planquin ideally placed for an excellent view of the sea.

In ages past this was the site of an ancient watchtower, as majestic as it might of looked while in use for whatever reason fell into disuse even long before Ysyr took ownership of the city, its murals fading into nothing and its walls and buildings slowly crumbling before the onset of time.
A few efforts were made by its long line of owners to make something of the land before the ownership was inevitably sold on. Most recently the land was bought by Melati of the Rising Dawn who has spent a small fortune on converting it from crumbling guardhouse to upper class estate.

The crumbling walls were taken out to be replaced with guard rails, many of the training fields were made into lush and exotic gardens.
Much of the smaller buildings were converted to new purposes ranging from lodgings for servants, kitchens, storehouses and warehouses.
The main gatehouse was expanded and converted into a residence fit for a merchant prince.
The watchtower itself was converted into an observatory and its shrine to various weather gods was brought back to their former glory.

Melati of the Rising Dawn hires a great number of servants from cooks, to housekeepers to gardeners to keep the place and its grounds well maintained. All her servants no matter their situation before coming into her employment are situated so with hard work they can pay off any debt over a more than reasonable timeframe. Its quite well known Melati dislikes any transaction of labour where the labourer is set into a contract they can not reasonably ever pay off.

Melati's Mansion

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