Grave Hound

Grave hounds are a breed of dog found near shadowlands. They are large hounds with coats coloured black of grey and unlike most normal animals they have no fear of shadowlands, ghosts or the walking dead. They also have the ability to perceive and harm immaterial ghosts.
Wild grave hounds are scavengers, slinking into graveyards or onto battlefields to eat corpses. In Mada grave hounds are trained as guard dogs and they occasionally sold outside of the Empire.

Essence: 1 Willpower: 4 Join Battle: 4 dice
Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/incap. Grave hounds are scavengers, they will normally flee on suffering any damage.
Actions: Intimidate 3 dice; Senses 6 dice; Stealth 3 dice; Tracking 7 dice
Resolve: 2 Guile: 1

Attack (Bite): 9 dice (Damage 9L)
Attack (Kick): 6 dice (5 dice to control)
Combat Movement: 9 dice
Evasion: 4 Parry: 3
Soak/Hardness: 4/0

Special Attacks
Biting at the heels of its prey, the canine denies it the chance to flee. On the turn that a hound or wolf moves into close range of an enemy, if it deals 5+ damage to them with a withering attack, that enemy cannot disengage or withdraw on their next turn

Pack Hunting:
When the hound attacks an enemy, it adds one automatic success to the attack roll for each allied pack member in close range to that enemy, to a maximum of three successes. On a decisive attack, it may also pay a point of Willpower to add that many dice to the raw damage of the attack, representing its packmates joining in the attack.
Ordinarily, this special attack can only be used with other canine allies. Using it in conjunction with human allies is a latent ability that can be developed through training

Hold at Bay: (latent)
After successfully impeding a foe’s movement with its harry attack, the canine may pay a point of Willpower to reflexively attempt to grapple them, converting extra successes on the attack roll to bonus dice on the control roll. The hound can only restrain or savage an enemy clinched this way—it cannot throw, slam, or drag them.

Snarling Guardian Attack: (latent)
Whenever an enemy attacks the dog’s master while it is protecting him with a defend other action, the animal may respond with a decisive counterattack. It may use this counterattack to make a disarm or distract gambit.

Foe-Maiming Guardian’s Fangs: (Magical, 1m)
Whenever the canine makes a decisive bite attack against an enemy who has attacked or threatened its master, the Exalt may pay one mote to apply the double 10s rule to the damage roll. If he is currently suffering any wound penalties due to a confrontation involving that enemy, then his wound penalties are added as bonus dice to the hound’s attack roll.

Keen Nose:
Dogs apply the double 9s rule on Perception-based rolls made using scent.

Ghost-Dog Fangs:
The gravehound can perceive, attack and otherwise interact with immaterial ghosts.

Discerning Sense: (latent)
The hound has been trained to pick up on a specific type of scent—human scents picked up from clothes, poisons, drugs, undead flesh, firedust, or so forth. Its Keen Nose allows it to apply the double 8s rule when smelling out the chosen scent, rather than double 9s. Additionally, if the canine has been trained in Wary Watchdog Vigilance, its effects also apply to such rolls.
A dog can be trained in this Merit multiple times to pick up multiple distinct scents.

Loyal Guardian: (latent)
The dog may flurry a defend other action with any other action without suffering the usual penalties of a flurry.

Wary Watchdog Vigilance: (latent)
The dog adds one automatic success on any roll to notice a hidden character. Upon doing so, it barks loudly enough to wake its master and his allies from sleep, if needed.

Heroic Guardian-Beast Resilience: (Magical)
Throwing itself between its master and an attack, the hound’s loyalty diverts a fatal blow. If an enemy overcomes the canine’s Defense while it is protecting its master with a defend other action, he must choose to attack the beast, rather than its master. Additionally, such an attack cannot reduce the hound to its Incapacitated health level—any levels of damage that would go beyond its -4 health level are prevented. Once this protection has been invoked the first time in a scene, the hound is vulnerable to being incapacitated until it has healed at least one health level naturally.

Spirit Scenting Guardian: (Magical)
The grave hound’s Ghost-Dog Fangs merit is improved so it applies to all immaterial beings.

Grave Hound

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