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  • Clan Gonde

    Gonde is one of the [[Prasad]] Clans, it has a relatively small number of Dragon-Caste, so it has always been on the lookout for ways to strengthen their blood. They are primarily based out of [[Emshar]], where the clan dominates the sea-trade. Their …

  • Deorne Battle-Born

    A famous hero to the people of [[Grieve | Grieve]], although the Realm has placed a significant price on his head, forcing him to operate out of the other Coastal Nations.

  • The Sea Devil

    The Sea Devil is a legend along the [[White Sea]], a mysterious raider who captains a ship of the dead, called The Hanged Man. The ship strikes under the cover of darkness, always surrounded by a thick bank of fog. The Sea Devils raids are brutal, …

  • Runa, the Echo of Heaven

    Runa is a wandering skald who travels the coasts of the [[White Sea]], she is welcomed by all the people there as a bringer of fortune in battle and a priestess of the twin northern gods of war.

  • Herja Skeggold

    Herja is the Axe-Queen of [[Skegg]] and wielder of their sacred grand grimcleaver. She was elected to the role twenty years ago and has held the position unchallenged since then. As one of the very rare fire aspects born to the [[Skegg]] dragon-clans she …

  • Nalla Bloodaxe

    Nalla is the newly elected king of [[Kharn]], he is both a strategic genius and a mighty warrior. His trophy grimcleaver taken from an Outcaste Dragon-Blooded is proof of that.

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