Melati of the Rising Dawn

Eclipse Merchant


Melati of the Rising Dawn looks to be a reasonably young adult with long light brown hair, slightly tanned skin and emeral green eyes. Being only 5 ft 5 in height and neither exceptionally muscular or lithe, Melati is not the most physically imposing of figures.
She is usually dressed in a white shirt and tanned leather corset made of the finest material, no matter her wardrobe, her clothes are always more suited more for purpose than frivolity or any kind of fashion.
When travelling she is often seen to carry 4 blades of varying size and type on her.


Melati never knew her parents, her first memories were those of her being alone on the streets of Champoor.

Down in the dregs of society everyone needed to work for their food, those who diddn’t starved to death, this led to her joining one of the gangs of youths.

She hated the people who were born into their squalor without having to do a days work for their wine and swore to herself no matter what she would climb her way out of this cesspit she lived, up to where the rich dined in their tall towers and past them. She would become richer and more influential than all of them both to prove it isn’t birth that defines a person and shout her defiance at fate who had given her the short straw.

During her time with the gangs she quickly found she was not suited for the physical activities of the group, she had no talent for pickpocketing, while she was strong enough that she was a match for any of the boys she wasn’t imposing enough for mugging, and she often fell behind the others when running through the streets. What she did come to quickly realize was her talent in organization and her ability to pick up on somethings value to others, sadly this had mixed results whenever she tried applying this knowledge to cons.

One such time it went badly wrong she had been trying to trick what she thought was a naive new arrival to the city, it turned out rather than being an easy prey he was an influential merchant who saw through her rouse almost instantly. Rather than ending up a body in the docks instead he hired her, whether it was through a whim or he genuinely saw her potential Melati never knew.

The merchant was called Fariban of many fingers, once you got past his vice for money he was generally a good-natured if a little eccentric person. Under his tutelage Melati learned to read and write several languages and the ins and out of the life of a merchant. As the years progressed on Melati travelled with him learning more about the trade, the cultures of the various cities within the dreaming sea and the various merchants Fariban spoke and traded with.

Everything changed however that fateful day, Fariban had learned of a tomb in the region of Emshar. After traveling there he hired a number of local guides to help clear the traps and set off. Melati who was still nursing a bad hangover from a impromptu night of drinking was angrily told to watch the ship. She found out later when the angry survivors returned Fariban blinded by his greed had attempted to double cross his guides getting a number of them and himself killed on the tombs traps. While the survivors had originally come to take her life in revenge she was able to convince them they still needed someone to fence what goods had been recovered and that she had no part in her former mentors actions. Thus it came to be she took over Fariban’s business and resolved herself not to make the same mistake that had cost her mentor his life.

It was a short time after this event that Melati first encountered Kyros, he was about to attempt a salvaging run of some ruins and was looking for an extra hand and someone to be able to shift valuables found within the tomb. The tomb run was a success the trouble came after when attempting to return to the local city with their spoils they were stopped at the gates by some opportunistic guards looking to confiscate much of the parties finds.

From her anger at their intentions she drew on her knowledge of the cities regulations to hinder their attempts, as she did so it was like a spark had ignited within her, the articles, treatise and laws flowed to the forefront of her mind like bubbles rising to the surface, no sooner did they try to counter her points but she threw another three as she turned their own rules and regulations against them. By the end of it it had gone from them trying to extort the travellers to them begging the party not to report them to their superior.

As the party moved on kyros placed a hand on her forehead covering it before anyone else could notice bringing attention that two golden circles one within another had appeared there. He did not seem phased by such but seemed to posses his own albeit of a different design.

Melati of the Rising Dawn

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