Fierce Orchid

Wondering Exorcist


Fierce Orchid is fairly tall and reasonably muscular, she has long dark hair and pale brown skin. She is lightly clothed in the fierce heat of the south and is wearing what is clearly Artefact Armour with no obvious weaponary. Most people will assume therefore assume she is an Exogent/God Blooded or possibly even a sorcerer. She is accompanied by a Mospid – Nightwing.

Shaping Rituals

Drawing upon his bond with his familiar, their shared soul flares with power and life. Whenever the sorcerer takes a shape sorcery action, he may draw an additional (Essence) sorcerous motes from his familiar if they are in physical contact with each other (such as riding a horse or an eagle perched on his shoulder). Calling on the bond in this manner causes faint supernatural occurrences to manifest around the sorcerer and familiar, such as both of their eyes glowing or transparent flames rising around them.
When used to draw sorcerous motes for his control spell, the sorcerer draws additional (Essence + 2) motes instead.

Invulnerable Glory – Armour
The Question – Heavy Daiklave


Fierce Orchid

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