Dhany Aag Kathakalli

Zenith Revolutionary


She is of medium height and build, attractive enough, but not enough to draw any attention good or bad. She has tanned skin and often wears hooded clothing so to disguise herself when needed.

Acting out in her teenage years taught her to be pretty good in a fight so she doesn’t carry weapons preferring to fight with her fists. Shortly after she exalted she found some heavy ancient gauntlets which she wears. They seem to possess some sort of magic but she is still figuring that out.

She can also talk her way in and out of almost anything, and lately it seems her skills have magnified …


Originally from Semnieh. From a long existing well known family of performers and writers who traveled the dreaming sea and were famed. However after Prasad took over their home city of Semnieh, they lost most of their creative freedom, and eventually their everyday freedoms. Dhany grew up getting increasingly frustrated with the occupation. She began acting out by getting into bar fights, and eventually smartened up and realised other people agreed with her, so she began to organise, eventually becoming a defacto leader of a roughly formed group of anti prasad revolutionaries in the area.

One day while meeting with other followers and leaders in the area they were discovered by pro Prasadian oppressors. These agents began to slay people, threatening to take survivors and sell them into slavery. Dhany began defending them with strength she never knew she had. A man tried to grab her to stop her from speaking as she was effectively rallying the group to fight. He nearly silenced her forever but as she started to loose consciousness she received a vision from the unconquered sun, it spoke to her and she heard a crack.. suddenly she was awake, she crouched over summoned words and spoke …and suddenly the enemies listened. They ran and left the survivors alone… In exhaustion she stumbled backwards across the temple floor on a piece of unstable ground and fell down … Amidst some jewels and armor she felt one particular object call to her, she picked them up to look at them and then passed out.

When she woke, she realised that something had changed and I would need to leave. At night she gathered her things and caught the next traveling caravan out of town.

—> She eventually was able to send word to her bosom friend from young adolescence, who she first met while traveling with her family as a child. Her friend is now a sorcerer prince and happy to welcome her to Palanquin.

She is dedicated to fighting against tyrants and eventually hopes to find the key to be able to free her home town from the tyrants grip of Prasad.

Dhany Aag Kathakalli

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