Legends of Creation

Magical Sanitation Authority

s2 E13

Back in Planquin the circle discussed their options with regards to Melati’s troubles but no consensus was reached.

Fierce Orchid began a sorcerous working to alter what came out of the plumbing pipes in the lower city. Her aim to change the shit into water and direct it over the lower city and in to the sea. This was going to take some time and so the others began to work on their own goals.

Dhany began her investigations into the illegal trade of humans to fairfolk. Galen popped up and told them the Sapphire Court would be a good place to start. Knowing that they did not yet have the time or resources to travel to such a location, Dhany, Mahavir & Melati flew to a hidden island they’d heard about. They knew that slaves had possibly been kept there but that it had also recently been raided by barbarians. Unfortunately they discovered nothing of interest.

The mysterous astrologer who had offered Melati help with learning who might have cast the curse on the trade deal returned. He declared that the curse was indeed sorcerous, that it came from Planquin and that someone of a princely nature was responsible

Mahavir and Melati spent time trying to learn more about who this person could be. Mahavir learning that Prasad wants the deal to fail. Melati and Kyros visited yet another air elemental, in the hope of gleaming some new information.

Kyros spent his time summoning a Jokun to act as a body guard and made a sword for Melati.

Mahavir also learnt what the Onyx Hawks, a group he had had some dealings with previously, had been up to. Hespiros, the old leader had been killed by Athenais, his niece, and Lysandra, another potential leader was in hiding. Knowing how brutal Athenais was, and how awful the Onyx Hawks had become, though they had never been ‘nice’, Mahavir made the call to assassinate Athenais. Sneaking into her bed chambers he had a nasty surprise when a spirit, later identified as a Bloody Hand, a god of murder, appeared and woke Athenais up. Mahavir was able to get a good stab in, but the Spirit whisked her away before he could finish the job. In the commotion that followed Melati and Kyros, who had been waiting outside just in case, rushed in to help, just as Mahavir chased the remaining goons away. What rumours would now be spread about the circle and would Athenais’s escape prove costly?

As Fierce Orchid’s working began to draw to a close the circle pondered what adventure they might go on next. A timely knock on the door bought Thucala to their attention. She was eager to to go and investigate the White Gold Temple, in the hopes she might find something to help her learn sorcery. She wanted the help of the adventures who had managed to survive the Winter Tomb, supposing that they were God Blooded. She knew of the traps that surrounded the outside, and she supposed that as an Exalted she would be allowed to pass. The circle, slightly wary did agree, she was an outcast dragon blooded, but they still knew the need for caution.



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