Legends of Creation

Excavating The Travelling Palace

S2 E9

The party hit Prince Thassios hard and fast, with Fierce Orchid, Dhany Aag Kathakalli and Melati of the Rising Dawn charging to the front on Stormwind Rider. Kanchana Mahavir, Kyros and Prince Fawziya brought up the rear.

Before they could strike at Prince Thassios the party had to deal with both his pack of Blood Apes as well as his Tomescu guard, which was holding Kyros’s bow. Before the rear guard could even begin to get stuck into the fight the front lines had taken heavy damage. The Blood Apes hit the three of them hard. The Tomescu’s attack quickly followed suit and it was only due to Fierce Orchid’s quick interception of it’s blow that meant Dhany Aag Kathakalli was still standing. .

As the party pressed the attack and were in turn pressed Kyros in a whirl of desperation called forth his power and cast Flight of Brilliant Raptor hitting friend and foe alike. The fire prevented Prince Thassios from getting his spell off. Fighting on through the flames Fierce Orchid finished off the Tomescu,

[To finish think Mahavir finished the prince off?]

Upon looting the corpse they found:

Having now delt with the Sorceror Prince the party set up camp. Fierce Orchid spent time summoning Blood Apes to both dig up parts of the Travelling Palace as well as for protection. Galen spent time exploring their surroundings so that he could warn the party of any pending Fair Folk attack, as the Palace had crashed in the Border Marches. (For in the time that the party spent there, 10 days, the Fair Folk had begun to amass an army to attack.)

The digging Blood Apes had finally found the corpses of those who had been killed when the palace had crashed. Hungry Ghosts bust out wiping out those Blood Apes. The party readied themselves for a fight and attacked. The party dispatched of the ghosts without much effort with Dhany Aag Kathakalli finishing off the Hungry Ghost of Yoroon Shalal. Kyros’ former self.

On Yoroon Shalal’s corpse they found:

Once Galen had returned the party left, for they had everything they needed for now.



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