The Ys people settled on top on an ancient ruin after the Great Contagion, the energies from the ancient engines beneath warped their bodies and shaped their society.

The Ys are divided into two groups. Thralls whose bodies have been warped by the engine, giving them a variety of physical and mental mutations and the Sorcerer-Princes who have gained the powers of sorcery from the engines radiation. Unlike thralls, the princes have no physical mutations, except those they inflict on themselves.

Thralls, beastfolk and other mutants are property belonging to a Sorcerer-Prince, no different that a golem or bound elemental. Unmutated humans and god-blooded that are part of the empire are citizens, afforded certain rights and freedoms. The Sorcerer-princes align themselves into loose syndicates to pursue common interests and goals, they tend to be solitary by nature, each pursuing their own inscrutable goals.

The Princes elect some from among themselves to form the High Council, who resolve internal disputes between the Princes and coordinate the overall actions on the Ys Empire.

The Ys have unique sorcerous rituals, allowing them to draw power from the energies of the wyld.

Relationship With Other Powers:
The Ys have been slowly expanding for centuries and often contest with the Mada and Prasad Empires for regional dominance.

Zone of Control:
The Ys empire is centred on the rocky island of the same name which contains their capital of Ysyr; for over a century they have occupied the city-state of Planquin, on the island chain that links them to the mainland; recently they claimed Arqad as well.


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