the City of Spires

The city of Y’Danna is built around and on the ruins of the First Age city Heavensward. It gets it name from the 12 imperishable marble spires that jut out the ground. These ancient structures have no apparent way to get in or out, or any purpose modern people have discovered. Now they festooned with hanging structures, rope ladders and steps, while hundreds of buildings cluster at their bases.

Heavensward in the first age, was a city of over a million people covering the whole island. Ruins are still scattered about all over. Left near empty after the Great Contagion and resettled by escaped Gigantes slaves and scavengers led by the mythical Golden Sage.
Y’danna become a great trade city, situated between Mada, Prasad and Volivat. Eventually having half a million citizens.
120 years ago the Devil King arrived and began his rein of terror, 50 years ago he ascended the Devil King’s Tower and has not been seen since, Current population 200,000.

The Devil King’s Rule has not been kind to Y’danna, much of the city is deserted and everywhere is run down. The cities old parks have been turned into small farms by the citizens and statues glorifying the Devil King are omnipresent.

Devil King’s Tower, the only spire that has ever been opened, It is seat of what passes for government in Y’danna.
Tower District, dwelling place of the elite under the Devil King’s regime. It is formed of rickety towers supported by a triangle of ancient spires. Most government officials actually live in the Devil KIng’s Tower.
The Maze, a vast underground labyrinth beneath the city. Built by the mad Cult of the Maze.
The Ruins, this district was abandoned after a fire over a generation ago.
Artists Quarter, located between the Tower District and the Wheel of Gold. The artists here are sponsored by the wealthy elite.
The Docks, this run down district is the first thing most visitors see.
The Nest, a neighbourhood built around a spire over a hundred feet from the ground.
The Wheel of Gold, the central marketplace.
The Hospital, rather than healing the sick it is a place of terror for the populace.

The Disciples of the Golden Sage, drug dealing alchemists in pursuit of immortality.
The Dancers Encarmine, a nihilistic death cult based in the The Wheel of Gold.
The Azure Lions, a mercenary company employed to keep the surrounding settlements in line.
The Black Marauders, a mercenary company employed to police the city.
The Brothers of the Sword, a mercenary company employed to police the city.
The Devil Guard, the Devil King’s personal troops.
The Secret Police, fanatical enforcers, answering only to the Ministry of Information.
The Cult of the Devil King, madmen who worship the Devil King as a god.
The Tower Families, the wealthy and powerful.
Chosen of the Devourer Worm, a cannibal cult formed around their young avatar.
Cult of the Maze, the old and defunct cult which built the Maze.
Faithful of the Hidden Temple, a small, underground cult based around an ancient temple.
Skull Wearers, cannibalistic serial killers.
Bonepickers, shapeshifting scavengers.


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