Tips and Tricks

It occurred to me that I’m the only forumite I know of in the group. Below are a collection of interesting threads and guides that have surfaced that may be worth a look over, if relevant to you. Any interpretations or new things of course are completely subject to GM approval.

Sandact6’s Storytelling Guide – This has a lot for players and GMs alike. Particular use to players is the charm build advice and the tips and tricks for combat. There are also useful things like scene setpieces and guides, and then some naff houserule options.

Battle Group Mechanics – Q&A – Useful FAQs about battle groups.

1001 Adventure Plots – Dozens of adventure one-liners for inspiration.

NPC AI – How to run Ex3 in the Era of Initiative – Has interesting takes on NPC and player combat styles, including some battle scripts and patterns that different types of person may engage in.

Stunting Discussion – Stunting discussion focussed on how people evoke withering and decisive attacks in their stunts. Useful inspiration.

Projects for Alchemy – Compilation of things you can do with Craft: Alchemy.

Tips and Tricks

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