The Sapphire Court

If you travel far to the east of the Dreaming Sea, out into the depths of the Wyld where the sea boils and turns emerald green a traveller will reach a vast Sargasso of fast growing, crimson weed. In the depths of the crimson Sargasso, past the wrecks of impossible ships towers a vast castle of sapphire blue coral, studded with gems.

The Sapphire court long ago realised that humans were happy to trade their own kind to them in exchange for trinkets and they have grown fat and indolent on it.

The raksha of the Sapphire Court are lazy, tended by their slaves while they engage in venomous intrigues with each other. They have no desire or pressing need to wage war on Creation, they find mortals fascinating (if overly fragile) creatures.
In addition they are attended by many loyal and enraptured slaves, both humans and lesser creatures of the Wyld.

Important Inhabitants:
Jaleh, the Shadow of Order and Skill, Shahbanu of the Sapphire Court.
Khorshid, the Mad Youth, Shahpur of the Sapphire Court.
Fereydoon, he Who Studies the Visions of Chaos.

The Sapphire Court

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