The Question

Owner: Fierce Orchid
Rating: * * * * *

A single edged grand daiklave, with a blade formed from a single slab of orichalcum, 6 feet long, a foot wide and nearly two inches thick. The blade is backed by white jade sweeping down to form the hilt.
Stamped onto the blade is the old realm character for “The Question”.
The weapon weighs about a quarter of a ton.

The blades powers cannot be used unless it’s wielder is also attuned to the War-Manse of the Answer, where it’s sister artefact resides. It’s evocations all make use of its link to The Answer, pulling it through Elsewhere to attack, or more subtly increasing The Question’ already great mass.
When attuned to both The Question and its war-manse, the weapons great mass grants +2 successes on clash rolls, rather than the normal +2 dice for using a two-handed weapon.


Flying Arc
Cost: -; Mins: Essence 1
Type: Permanent
Keywords: Decisive
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisites: Summoning the Loyal Steel
The Question draws mass from The Answer when striking, sending those it strikes flying.
Every time a decisive attack from The Question inflicts at least one level of damage, the target is flung back one range band, landing prone. If the attack inflicts no damage or if the target successfully parries, they are still pushed back a range band, but do not land prone.

Extended Interrogation
Cost: 3m; Mins: Essence 1
Type: Simple
Keywords: -
Duration: Until the end of the next turn
Prerequisites: Summoning the Loyal Steel
The Question calls The Answer to a location within Medium range. The Answer can appear facing any way, even floating unsupported in the air, where it remains until the end of the next turn (unless needed by another evocation).
Summoned like this The Answer can be used to bridge gaps or create temporary barricades.

Space Warping Leap
Cost: 3m; Mins: Essence 2
Type: Reflexive
Keywords: -
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Iron Raptor Technique
After performing Iron Raptor Technique, rather than pulling The Question back to the wielder’s hand the wielder is pulled through Elsewhere to The Question.
The wielder spends 3 motes after Iron Raptor Technique to teleport to grasping The Question’s hilt, moving there through Elsewhere without passing through the intervening space. This will break the wielder out of a grapple or engagement.

Unbreakable Orichalcum Wall
Cost: 5m, 2i; Mins: Essence 2
Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Perilous
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Flying Arc, Extended Interrogation
The Answer suddenly appears in front of the summoner, harmlessly deflecting an incoming area attack.
The Answer protects the summoner and anyone within close range of her from a ranged area attack, such as a storm of arrows from a battle group or sorcery.

Devastating Retort
Cost: 5m (+1 wp); Mins: Essence 2
Type: Simple
Keywords: Withering
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Flying Arc, Space-Warping Leap
As the wielder plunges The Question down into the ground, The Answer appears over a target within Medium range and slams down, shattering fortifications and sending defenders flying like rag dolls.
All mortal structures within close range of the target are destroyed and the shattered earth and rock makes the area difficult terrain. Any creatures of roughly human-size for smaller in the area are flung away one range band and must make a difficulty 2 Dexterity + Athletics test or land prone and lose 2 initiative.
If targeting a creature with the Legendary Size merit or similar this Evocation costs +1 Willpower and creates a withering attack. The attack uses Perception + Melee for the attack roll, with a base damage of 26. This is a surprise attack the first time it is evoked against a target in a combat. The wielder gains initiative from this form of the attack as normal.

Irresistible Query
Cost: 7m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 3
Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Decisive
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Flying Arc
For a split second The Question and The Answer switch places, delivering a blow that smashes through defences with ease.
The attack supplemented with this Evocation cannot be defended against by parry, unless the target has superhuman strength and/or size.

Sweeping Rejoinder
Cost: 6m, 2i, 1wp; Mins: Essence 3
Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Perilous, Decisive
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Irresistible Query
After performing a successful withering attack with The Question. The wielder sweeps her arm in an arc in front of her, summoning a devastating sweep from The Answer.
This is a single decisive attack against all targets within close range in an arc front of her, defended against separately by each target. The attack cannot be parried unless the target has superhuman strength and/or size. The wielders initiative is divided equally (rounding up) amongst all the targets.

Reverse Recall
Cost:10m, 2wp, 1ahl; Mins: Essence 4
Type: Simple
Keywords: -
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Space-Warping Leap
Holding The Question aloft, the wielder reverses it’s link to The Answer, teleporting herself and everyone within close range into its War-Manse, standing directly in front of The Answer.

Cost: 10m, 3a, 1wp; Mins: Essence 5
Type: Simple
Keywords: -
Duration:One Scene
Prerequisites: Sweeping Rejoinder, Devastating Retort, Reverse Recall
Holding The Question aloft, the wielder summons forth The Glorious Armiger bearing The Answer. The wielder is automatically attuned to them at no cost for the duration of the scene and may pilot The Armiger immediately.
While this Evocation is active all The Question’s Evocations are sealed, but The Answer’s are unlocked.

The Question

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