Prasad is the only Realm Satrapy on the Dreaming Sea.

It is heavily divided by both caste and clan.
The highest caste is the dragon caste, formed of the Dragon-Blooded themselves and the most powerful clans are those which breed the most Dragon-Blooded. Under the Dragon-Blooded are the warrior nobility, then artisans, merchants, farmers and finally Untouchables and outlaws.
The two most powerful clans are the ruling clans of Burano and Ophris. Between them are a full third of the Prasad Dragon-Blooded.

Prasad’s position allows it to dominate trade from the Dreaming Sea to the Southern City-States, particularly the firedust trade, which they have effectively strangled.

Relationship With the Realm:
The current Satrap is Cynis Naraku, who has been generally inclined to remain in his palace and ignore the obviously heretical “Pure Way”, as long as tribute continues to paid. He commands a sizeable force of Realm soldiers, but they have mainly focused on protecting Kamthahar and ensuring caravans pass smoothly through to Ember on the other side of the mountains.
There are rumours that Prasad’s growing aggression is a Realm plot to expand its control over the Dreaming Sea.

The Immaculate Faith has grown strange in Prasad, the majority of its people and monks follow the Pure Way, a heretical offshoot that worships the Dragon-Blooded as gods. Immaculate monks sometimes come down the road from Ember to challenge the Pure Way heretics in the martial arts, but many have proved to possess considerable skill.

Relationship With Other Powers:
Prasad has steadily becoming more aggressive over the past two generations and is now occupying four city-states. Making it the largest power in the region, this has led to growing conflicts with Ys, Mada and many neighbouring states.

Zone of Control:
Prasad has claimed the region stretching from the mountains in the desert to the West to the Dreaming Sea. It controls four city-states; Kamthahar, the capital; Emshar, it’s port on the Dreaming Sea; Jede, for the rare woods and medicines from the jungle; and recently conquered Semnieh.

In battle each clan rallies and dispatches its own troops, this has led to difficulties when clan rivalries prevent parts of the army from working together. This has lead to Prasad’s janissary tradition, elite slave-soldiers from outside the clan structure, loyal only to the dragon caste.
Prasad’s true power lies in it’s mighty Dragon-Blooded, a single brotherhood can easily turn the tide of a battle.


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