Planquin sits between Ysyr and the mainland. It is a city build around and on, four huge statues holding an island far in the sky. The people are deeply religious and have a close relationship with the elemental cloud-folk from the floating City of Blue Gauze.
They were conquered by the Ys over a century ago and several Sorcerer-Princes reside in the city.
The strange gate the stands in the centre of the city is rumoured to be a passage to heaven, but the Sorcerer-Princes have never managed to open it.

City Structure:
Generally the higher a person’s social status, the higher up they live in the city.
On the islands at the base of the statues sit the Foot Towns, these slums are full of fishermen, tanners, leather workers and other low status occupation. The roofs here are steeply sloped because of the “brown rain” from the city above.
Built on the statues are a mixture of Waist Towns, full of workshops, hostelries and services for visitors. And palaces of the wealthy, powerful and reclusive.
Finally the city proper sits atop the island held by the statues.
A constant stream of bearers (human and other) carry goods up and down the statues.

On the highest points of the city are the houses of the Skaark, mospidfolk who were brought to the city as mercenaries generations ago. Since then they have bred and prospered, working as messengers and elite airborne soldiers.

Planquin is a Guild hub city, in collects goods from the rest of the Ys empire (mainly foodstuffs, drugs, tin, copper, bronze, gold and magic stuff) and then ships them around the Dreaming Sea and beyond.
It is a main staging area for expeditions to fair folk courts, trading low quality slaves for dream-eaten and exotic things.
Slavery in Planquin is a transaction in which a person pays off a loan through labour. It is common for people in highly skilled careers to sell their freedom for 5-10 years (like a really harsh student loan).
Imported slaves work the same way, educated slaves 5-10 years, house slaves 10-15, field slaves probably never.
Intoxicants of all kinds are legal in Planquin, the hot climate and long falls discourage excessive use.
Qat, marajuana, opium and coca leaves are common and inexpensive. Sold by guild merchants in large quantities.
Morphine is produced and sold as a painkiller, charging an artificially high price to discourage its recreational use.
Rock cocaine and heroin are imported from Y’danna by criminals and non-affiliated merchants. Although guild alchemists can produce these drugs they don’t sell then in Planquin. They make examples of people who do too well selling these drugs, normally hiring a local small god to slowly dissect the seller.

Planquin law and government:
The nobility have always been more interested in philosophy than governance so the city is run by a civil bureaucracy acting under “advisement” from the nobility. The sorcerer-princes have seen no need to change that.
They have however added a tribunal formed of hereditary Noble seats and elected citizens. It is responsible for overseeing and governing the city. By Ys law any citizen can bring a issue before them and ask for a ruling. Obviously the vote of a sorcerer-prince outweighs the whole tribunal.
The legal system traditionally works on a system of fines for all but the most heinous crimes. Inability to play results in Slavery until the debt is cleared.
Ys law overrides this, princes are subject only to the censure if their peers and they may overrule any legal proceedings.

As a hub city, Guild activities are overseen by a Council of the nine most prominent Guildsmen in the city.
The tribunal is charged with overseeing and coordinating the city’s legion of civil servants.
Planquin’s civil bureaucracy is the sprawling army of clerks and administrators who run the city.
The Path of Stars maintain a large observatory perched on the head of a statue.
A criminal syndicate, The Onyx Hawks prey on the people of the city.
Peace is kept on the streets by a Guild mercenary regiment called the Vulture Legion.
Soaring Cloud Temple is the religious heart of the city.
White Leaping Tiger Dojo and Red Stalking Tiger Dojo, are rival martial arts schools. The rivalry between them at times has erupted into bloody street brawls leaving dozens dead.

Important Places:
Melati’s Mansion
The High Temple, religious centre of the city.
The Dream Pavilion, a dream parlour, the only one of its kind in the Dreaming Sea.
Tribunal Hall, where The tribunal meets and individual tribunes have their offices.
The Ancient and Honourable Teahouse, popular meeting place for the wealthy and connected.
The Heavenly Square, is the large central square of the upper city.

Important People:
Agamedo the Cunning
Baseeha the Heartless
Nefere Half-Dead
Prince Astyon
Prince Laeras
Twelve Perfect Wisdoms



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