Phoenix Snake

A Big snake which is also a phoenix

Info was found out about this in the adventure The City of Statues

The circle talked to Kesipho the scolar about the creature

  • Behemoth Giant Snake covered in feathers
  • May breath fire.
  • Gets hotter as it gets injured, explodes when killed and reforms which has killed even fire dragon blooded killed
  • Resides Lair of the Phoenix snake, for 500 years, which is a Shogangate Fortress.
  • Originally came from further west from the great desserts. Worhshipped by an ancient civilization and it moved when they all died.
  • Ancient people had way of containing or controlling it. Crocodile priests of Mada probably have stuff but will go to any lengths to stop people. Info is probably in the holy city of Atwak
  • Travel to Atwak, where deep within there ancient map which shows the location of the ancient cities of civilization.

Phoenix Snake

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