Religious Sects:
The Pure Way, Prasad’s official religion, which venerates the Dragon-Blooded as living gods.
The Crocodile Priests, the Sun worshipping priests of the Madean Empire.
The Ghost Sages, the Madean Empire’s ancestor spirits.
The Night Wind Order, a cult of assassin-priests who serve the Court of Secrets.
The Path of Stars, an ascetic order dedicated to intellectual mastery.

Political Groups:
The Ysyr High Council, the ruling body of Ys Sorcerer-Princes.
Clan Gonde, dominate the Prasad sea-trade.

Guild Syndicates:
The Ministry of Chains, an association of slavetraders operating in the Dreaming Sea.
The Serpent Society, a powerful criminal organisation.
The Eternal Dream Syndicate, a cabal of mercantile sorcerer-princes that control most of the drug trade from Ys.

Spirit Courts:
The Court of Secrets, the corrupt spirit court that rules over Champoor.

Tribal Groups:
Jackal Tribes, bands of outcasts from the Uchin and Targai tribes.
Bonepickers, people who have entered into pacts with spirits of raitons and death.

Crimson Corsairs, a large and powerful pirate fleet.


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