Martial Arts

Many martial arts are taught around the Dreaming Sea.

Snake Style:
Snake is the most common martial art in the Dreaming Sea region, in addition to formal dojos found in towns and cities, it has a strong folk tradition in villages and tribes. There are countless regional variations on the style, but the most skilled masters are considered to be the Monks of the Pure Way.
Snake style contests and tournaments are common, wandering fighters will often challenge local village champions as well.

Tiger Style:
Tiger is the second most common martial art in the region. Unlike Snake style, training in Tiger style is limited to numerous rival dojos. The common people often consider those following the path of the Tiger to be violent and cruel, prone to rage and displays of excessive force.
There are no formal contests and tournaments held for Tiger style, instead the rival dojos wage brutal war on each other, sometimes killing each other in the street. The Monks of the Pure Way are fond of proving their philosophical superiority by slaying the champions of foreign dojos.

Single Point Shining Into the Void Style:
There are seven major schools of Single Point and numerous minor variations on the style, unique to particular masters. It is rarely taught in formal dojos, instead wandering swordmasters train apprentices when they meet people of the appropriate talent.
Well known and respected masters of the style sometimes hold formal tournaments. Most often however, wandering masters challenge each other when they meet, sometimes forming great rivalries. Each school is considered to have advantages and disadvantages in comparison to each other, with no style being outright superior.

White Reaper Style:
White Reaper is a very rare style in the Dreaming Sea, more associated with barbarian champions than civilised warriors. The style is only ever taught by a master to a single apprentice at a time, causing the style to fracture into innumerable minor variations.
White Reaper masters tend to be wandering heroes and champions, turning up on the eve of battle to test their skills.

Ebon Shadow Style:
Ebon Shadow is a secretive style practised by the Assassin-Priests of Champoor. It is taught only in their secret, midnight temples and occasionally in return for “services rendered”.

Crane Style:
Crane style is a defensive martial art practised throughout the Dreaming Sea. It is favoured by courtiers and priests, giving it a reputation as a noble martial art.
Crane style is particularly favoured amongst the nobility of Planquin, where regular demonstrations of the style are performed and masters of the style are accorded great status.

Silver-Voiced Nightingale Style:
Nightingale style is primarily practised by the criers and exorcists of Neveh, although a few isolated dojos are found in other city-states. Nightingale dojos teach performance as much as they do combat, leading to rumours of its use by assassins.

Righteous Devil Style:
Righteous Devil is practised only amongst certain elite janissaries in Prasad, simply due to the amount of firedust needed to make use of the style. Masters of this style, select and train young janissaries who possess the necessary strength of will for the style.

Black Claw Style:
Black Claw is a vanishingly rare style, only a rumour in martial arts circles. The style is only ever taught in an intimate master to student relationship, sometimes the master is the demonic Shadow Lover herself.

Dreaming Pearl Courtesan Style:
This strange and elusive martial art is only practised by the nobility of Haven, although a few dragon-blooded from Prasad have travelled there to learn the style.

Steel Devil Style:
Steel Devil is a Madean martial art, although the Brota have a very similar martial art style. In the Madean Empire there are dozens of rival dojos each teaching variants of the style, while in Skein their style is passed down through clans.
The Madean style is normally used with khopesh swords or even axes, while the Brota style uses lighter weapons. In both places informal tournaments between different dojos/clans are common.

Martial Arts

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