This page is for the Empire of Mada, its capital City-State can be found here City of Mada

The Madean empire is the oldest standing empire around the Dreaming Sea, it was founded in the wake of the Great Contagion and dominates the entire length of the Great Khenu River.

The Madeans are a deeply religious people, with two religions having sway over their lives. During the day the empire is ruled by the Crocodile Priests and the Pharaoh (sometimes called the Golden or White Pharaoh), while at night is the domain of the Ghost Sages and the Bleak Council.

The office of Pharaoh is not hereditary, each Pharaoh is chosen by the Crocodile Priests to represent the best of Madean culture. They are often talented generals or politicians and always between 20 and 30 years of age. The first act of every Pharaoh is to begin the construction of their tomb-monument, once they begin to become infirm (usually in their 50s or 60s) they are ritually sacrificed and join the Bleak Council.

Formed of all the previous Pharaohs, the Bleak Council possesses incredible wisdom, as such they have much more power collectively than any living Pharaoh.

Relationship With the Dead:
In Madean Empire in the Underworld is a vast power, with vast armies of the dead and the immortal wisdom of the Bleak Council. A cornerstone of their power is the sacrifice of slaves to act as warriors and servants as well and monuments and tomb wealth to empower their dead armies.
But all is not well in the Underworld and the Beak Council has been placing more pressure on the living Madeans.

Relationship With Other Powers:
Mada is not an expansionist empire, but it has clashed several times with the Ysyr. It’s soldiers are infamous for their slave raids all over the Dreaming Sea.

Zone of Control:
Mada dominates the entire length of the Great Khenu River; from Atwak, the holy city of the Crocodile Priests, where the river emerges from the mountains; through the City of Mada itself on the banks; past the great necropolis of Erm; down to the port city of Seba, where the river meets the Dreaming Sea.

The Madean conventional military is not particularly fearsome, being mainly focused on putting down slave uprisings and raiding. They make extensive use of chariots and archers.
However they are supported by the mighty Fallen Legion, warrior ghosts. Clad in iron armour, carefully crafted to resemble their form in life. They fight fearlessly in battle and with exceptional discipline, no living foe has ever defeated the Fallen Legion.
Finally there is also the legendary The Black Pharaoh.

The four most powerful gods in Mada are:

  • Ahlat, god of war and cattle. He is worshipped throughout the Dreaming Sea, so you all know about him. But in Mada they emphasise his nature as god if the dawn.
  • The god of the Great Khenu, the river god heads a court of weather, water and season gods.
  • Shines Down From On High, lord of deserts, reptiles and the midday sun. He is the patron god of Mada and his court holds gods of civilisation and reptiles. He is depicted as a reptilian humanoid, in the garb of a pharaoh, holding a rounded-headed mace.
  • The Woman in White a dark and terrible goddess of plagues and insanity. She defends Mada from its enemies, at a price. Her court are gods if disease, darkness and death. She is also known as the Ghul Queen. She is a bestial looking creature with a large fang filled mouth, long arms with huge claws, pendulous breasts and a massive penis. She is known for testing and challenge people, particularly their hospitality.

The spirit courts in the region are mostly acting as they should, so each of them are at the head of a pantheon of lessor gods. They also have lore of the Six Elemental Dragons, with the sixth dragon being the Great Solar Dragon.

Mada’s justice system is run by the dead, with ghost courts every night. Family ancestors are often involved in these cases.


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