Invulnerable Glory

Owner: Fierce Orchid
Rating: ****

An unusually revealing suit of orichalcum and blue jade breastplate, with wirework pauldrons, bracers and shin guards. It looks more like ceremonial garb than useful armour.
It has a two hearthstone sockets, one on each bracer.

The armour belonged to Fierce Orchid’s previous incarnation and was buried with her after her death during the Usurpation. Her dire lance Piercing Ray of Light was taken by one of her killers as a trophy.

Attunement: 6m
Type: Heavy (Soak +11, Hardness 0, Mobility Penalty 0)
Tags: None
Hearthstone slot(s): Two
Era: Second Deliberative Era

Evocations of Invulnerable Glory

Once attuned to, it is surprisingly effective armour, befuddling attackers, causing their attacks to bounce harmless off its flimsy seeming structure more often than not.
It is heavy armour, but provides no Hardness and has no Mobility Penalty. It also shields its wearer from extremes of heat and cold and if the wearer would suffer damage from extreme temperatures as an environmental hazard they gain +1 non-charm die on the Resistance roll.

Unstained Majesty
Cost: -; Mins: Essence 1
Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisites: None
Invulnerable Glory is always unstained and unmarked, as is its wearer, even their wounds seem smaller and barely bleed.
The artifact negates any penalties to Social rolls that would be applied due to being dirty, unkempt or injured. In addition the wearer is immune to any effects that would cause them to bleed heavily.

Immortal Warrior’s Entrance
Cost: 2m; Mins: Essence 1
Type: Supplemental
Keywords: None
Duration: One Combat
Prerequisites: None
As the wearer enters battle the armour’s enchantments fortify their body, allowing them to shrug off the first few glancing blows.
This Evocation Supplements a Join Battle roll, each 10 on the roll grants the wearer a temporary -0 Health Level. Damage is applied to these temporary health levels first and they vanish when filled, or when the combat ends.
Dissonant: This Evocation cannot grant more than [Stamina] temporary Health Levels.

Illusion of Invulnerability
Cost: 6m; Mins: Essence 2
Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Counterattack, Psyche
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Unstained Majesty, Immortal Warrior’s Entrance
Invulnerable Glory can hide its wearer’s injuries with illusions, making them seem invulnerable.
After suffering damage from a decisive attack, the armour hides the wounds from the attacker. This allows the wearer to attempt to counter by reflexively intimidating their attacker with (Appearance + Presence) against their Resolve, instilling a Tie of Fear or Awe towards the wearer. This action does not suffer a wound penalty, instead the wearer’s wound penalty is added to the roll as bonus dice. If the Intimidate beats the attacker’s resolve the wearer steals 2 Initiative from the attacker in addition to instilling a tie.

Unbreakable Orichalcum
Cost: 3i, 1wp; Mins: Essence 3
Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Perilous
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Illusion of Invulnerability
Invulnerable Glory can do more than illusions and trickery, when its wearer suffers a crippling injury it negates it.
The wearer may activate this Charm immediately after suffering a crippling effect (such as a broken limb or the effects of certain Charms), the effect is instantly negated by the magic of the armour.

Warrior-Queen’s Poise
Cost: 6m, 3i; Mins: Essence 3
Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Perilous
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Illusion of Invulnerability
Despite its seemingly flimsy construction, Invulnerable Glory reinforces its wearers body allowing her to ignore the feeble attacks of lesser foes.
Activating this Evocation sets the wearer’s Hardness to their current Initiative value, allowing he to shrug off the attacks of enemies of lower Initiative.
Once per scene, unless reset by defeating a non-trivial enemy with a Decisive Attack performed with at least 15 Initiative.
Resonant: The duration increases to one turn.

Rise from the Ashes
Cost: 5m, 2i, 1wp; Mins: Essence 4
Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Perilous, Decisive-Only
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Warrior-Queen’s Poise
As she strikes down her enemies the wearer’s wounds heal, drawing strength as her foes fall.
This Evocation is used to Supplement a Decisive attack, every success rolled for damage heals one of the wielders Health Levels that have suffered Lethal or Bashing damage. If any health levels are healed she may immediately make a Reflexive (Appearance + Presence) test against the Resolve of all enemies in Medium Range. If successful she instill a Tie of fear or awe towards her in the enemy (or strengthens an existing tie by one step) and takes a point of Initiative off them which is added to her total after resting to base.
This Evocation may only be used once per Story, unless reset by succeeding in a major story goal by convincing an adversary to back down by leveraging their Defining Tie of fear or awe towards you.
Dissonant: Characters Dissonant with Orichalcum cannot learn this Evocation.

Invulnerable Glory

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