Flame Gryphon

Flame gryphons are beautiful and deadly creatures of the extreme South. They can survivve indefinitely in Creation, bu can only breed in the Wyld.
A flame gryphon looks like a huge lion, with the head and forelegs of an eagle, claws and talons of glittering gold and wings of scarlet and gold flame. They can speak in voices that combine the tones of a lion’s roar and an eagle’s scream. But their personality is mainly that of an animal, concerned only with food and shelter.
They do have three personality traits that set them apart from animals. They have a intense hatred of horses and will attack horses and horse-riders on sight; They refuse to serve any master, killing themselves rather than obey and order; and they are vain.

Essence: 1 Willpower: 7 Join Battle: 7 dice
Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-1/-1/-2/-2/-2/-2/-4/incap
Speed Bonus: +4, if a flame gryphon deigns to allow an ally to ride it.
Actions: Feats of Strength 8 dice (may perform Strength 5 feats); Fly 8 dice; Inspire Awe 7 dice; Intimidating Shriek 7 dice; Senses 6 dice; Stealth 6 dice; Tracking 6 dice
Appearance: 4 Resolve: 4 Guile: 2

Attack (Bite): 9 dice (Damage 17L)
Attack (Claw): 13 dice (Damage 13L)
Attack (Grapple): 9 dice (10 dice to control, may not throw or slam)
Attack (Wing Buffet): 12 dice (Damage 13L, this is fire damage and will set flammable objects alight)
Combat Movement: 10 dice
Evasion: 4 Parry: 4
Soak/Hardness: 10/4

Special Attacks
Death Dive:
The gryphon can dive down onto a target from long range with incredible force. The first time it moves down into close range with an enemy while airborne and makes a decisive attack, it may add four dice to the attack roll and apply the double 10s rule on the damage roll.
Once it has used this special attack, it must regain altitude, returning back to vertical long range before it can do so again.

Swooping Descent:
An gryphon that flies downward to make a decisive surprise attack or ambush against an enemy adds two automatic successes to the attack roll.
Note that an gryphon soaring high in the sky is generally beyond the range of sensory detection for characters who lack superhuman sight, ensuring an ambush on first strike and providing the possibility of reestablishing stealth in combat by simply flying higher than enemies can see.

Powerful Pounce:
If a gryphon moves into close range with an enemy of the same size or smaller and deals 5+ damage to it with a withering attack on the same turn, it may pay a point of Willpower to reflexively make a grapple gambit against its prey.

Mauling Bite:
When the gryphon makes a savaging decisive attack against a clinched enemy, it adds +4 to the raw damage of this attack. It can receive this bonus only once per clinch, unless reset by crashing the clinched enemy.

Eagle Eye:
While soaring high in the air, the gryphon receives five bonus dice on any visual Perception-based rolls made to notice things, and can make out the fine details of far-off objects even when it is flying potentially miles above them.
It also automatically succeeds on any roll to track a character while airborne, unless that character is employing perfect track-covering magic.

Eagle Wing Rush:
A gryphon may rush enemies from long range above them, as long as the horizontal distance between them is still at short range.

Unbreakable Will:
If forced to perform an action through magic a gryphon will resist, inflicting one level of Lethal damage on itself and ending the effect.
If placed in captivity or otherwise forced to submit to a master the gryphon will kill itself instead.

Fiery Wing Defense:
The flame gryphons fiery wings burn and bat aside incoming projectiles. It gains +2 Parry defence against ranged weapons made primarily out of wood (such as arrows or javelins)

Flame Gryphon

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