Cloak of the Setting Sun

Owner: None
Artifact: * * *

A brilliant, heavy cloth-of-orichalcum cloak embossed with solar and sidereal symbols. If not attuned to, the cloak is far too heavy to wear easily.

A wearer who commits 4 motes to this artifact benefits from the following traits:
The heavy and impervious cloak can be used to block attacks, granting 7 Hardness to the wearer.
When the wearer wishes the cloak shines brightly illuminating the area around the wearer out to Medium Range, with the brightness of sunlight.
If the wearer is also a Lunar, Solar or Sidereal Exalted then they also gain these traits:
When the wearer’s anima is at bonfire or iconic level it is filled with shooting stars, as is the sky for miles around.
Celestial Wrath Unleashed
Cost: 2wp, 3a Mins: Essence 2
Type: Simple
Keywords: Decisive-only
Prerequisites: None
As the Exalt raises her arms to the sky, stars fall around her devastating her enemies in a rain of celestial fire. The Exalt makes an special decisive attack roll of Perception + Lore and this is applied to the defence of everything with Medium Range. The base damage of this attack is the Exalt’s Essence, she also adds her Initiative to the damage, split as evenly as possible against a number of targets up to her Lore ability. Battle groups suffer additional damage equal to the Exalt’s Lore.
Against Enemies of Heaven this attack ignores Hardness and has double 9s on the damage roll. Those blessed by Heaven (such as Celestial Exalted) suffer the same effect, but rather than taking damage, they gain 1 mote of essence per success on the damage roll.

After invoking this power it cannot be used again until a full day and night have passed.

Cloak of the Setting Sun

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