Aflectos Region

The region from Planquin south was totally depopulated by the twin catastrophes of the contagion and the fair folk invasion. It is still only lightly populated, with most folk clustering in towns an villages on the coast.
The coast is swampy, but the water of the Dreaming Sea offers irrigation, fish and respite from the heat. Further inland are hundreds of miles of savannah and hilly scrub. Wild fires are common. These inland areas are dotted with ancient ruins and riddled with Wyld zones. The nomadic tribes that live there move between water sources and safe ruins.

Further inland is nothing but a vast, Wyld tainted desert. Much of it totally unexplored by modern folk and full of untouched 1st age ruins.

Major Settlements:

Other Locations:
Blood Cove: A runined shogunate trading post on the coast south of Arqad, it is the base of a tribe of mutant reavers who prey on coastal settlements in the region.
The Winter Tomb: A large rectangular first age tomb sitting in the swamps between Planquin and Arqad. The area for a mile around is frozen and bitterly cold, it has been thoroughly looted by adventurers. Although nothing particulaly valuable has been found in there.
The Lair of the Phoenix Snake: A ruined shogunate fortress, believed to be the site of a major battle. No one has been able to loot the corpses of their artifacts because an immortal behemoth has taken residence there.
White-Gold Temple: An ancient temple complex on a hill out in the savanna. Its many, many death traps and demon guardians have prevented explorers from penetrating deeply.
Canticle: This ruin is occupied by a barbarian tribe, who the nomadic tribes pay tribute to. The sorcerer-princes have tried several times to wrest the ruins secrets from the inhabitants, with disastrous results.
Triad: An almost ruin protected by three banes. It sits in a wyld zone and the few explorers that have returned babbled incoherently about golem guardians before expiring of a mysterious wasting illness.
Old Town: A surprisingly intact Shogunate town, it is regarded by the local tribes as taboo, they post guards to prevent anyone from entering.

Aflectos Region

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