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  • The Eternal Dream Syndicate

    The Eternal Dream Syndicate is a cartel of [[Ys]] Sorcerer-Princes, who dominate the drug production and trade on the isle of [[Ysyr]]. More than 20 Sorcerer-Princes belong to the syndicate, but the majority have no interest in commerce and are merely …

  • Prince Thuces

    He whose skin is unbreakable and etched in mystic sigils and whose voice can shatter stone or reduce an armoured man to pulp.

  • Prince Yurkon

    Prince Yurkon was encountered by the circle when they fought [[:stanewald | Stanewald]], he was already there and attacked both sides with sorcery. He was knocked out by [[:jayanti | Jayanti]], but not until after seeing most of the circle's totemic …

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