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  • Scream on the Wind

    Scream on the Wind is a a keeper of ancient lore and defender of [[Aflectos Region | Canticle]], she is greatly respected by the [[Aflectos Beast Tribes | Aflectos tribespeople]]. She has connections to [[:smiling-shadow | Galen]] and [[:blood-and-sand …

  • Blood and Sand

    She has been leading the [[Aflectos Beast Tribes | Aflektos tribe]]s in savage raids against the civilized folk from the southern edges of [[Mada]] to [[Arqad]]. Towns that don't provide tribute are pillaged while Guild caravans and holdings are laid to …

  • Smiling Shadow

    A charming and surprisingly helpful wanderer, he seems to have taken a liking to [[:dhany-aag-kathakalli | Dhany Aag Kathakalli ]] and often turns up out of the blue to help her.

  • Lycaea

    In her human form Lycacea is a tall, pale woman with long black hair, legends of a sorceress, spirit or witch of the same appearance are told all over the Dreaming Sea. In [[Prasad | Prasad]] they tell stories of the Witch of the Crossroads who strikes …

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