Legends of Creation

Raksha of the South East Deserts
S3 E5

25 leave for the wyld

27 AF

Mahavir senses that they are being watched and that something isn’t right, but by the time the ambush occurs the circle have let their guard down.

4 fair folk appear, summoning two battle groups. (Check?)

The circle cut through the first battle group, with Mahavir striking the final blow. Only to have the fair folk summon another much bigger battle group of faceless soldiers. The combat faulters into a grind. Until finally the fair folk get bored and run away, leaving the circle buried under a mound of soldiers. The fair folk let slip that they will be back with avengence.

Digging their way out of the mound of bodies the circle continue on their way to the Dragon King location.

8RF- arrive at DK outpost – with manse
find stuff out about great contagion – and bayloran crusade

Arriving at the Dragon King location, it turns out to be an outpost not the lost city. Teclotoa storms into it as it is clear there is some kind of barrier keeping the wyld at bay.

He walks straight up to a large ziaggarout and attempts to gain entry, when he is denied he demands the Solars do it, as it is locked down due to quarantine.

Kyros feeds essence into the lock and the doors open. Following Teclotoa they explore the building, which is a manse. In the lower levels they find a room full of mummified Dragon King corpses with their hearts ripped out, and one who had attempted to rip their own heart out. At the very bottom of the manse they come to a room with a mummified Dragon King slumped over a console. Teclotoa grabs up a crystal data pad??? And grumps. When Kyros asks what it says he shoved it over, luckily the language on the pad changes from Dragon King to old realm and Kyros is able to read it. (Insert diary link)

There are 7 pods in the room, Teclotoa opens them, raging that 4 of them are already dead.

3 Dragon Kings emerge from the pods. 2 large anklock and 1 smaller, skinnier one, a Raptok? One (which?) Runs over to Kyros shouting ‘what year is it?!’

Here be Dragons
s3 E4

19AF – Mada

24 AF – Dragon King Tomb

The circle arrive at a massive ruin, a big circular wall surrounds it. Inside are tall towers and ziaggarouts. It is clear that nothing was built by human hands, as there are no right angles. Aztec style carvings cover most surfaces.

The circle enter the ruin via a large hole in the wall, as they move inwards they spot a large Dragon King come out of a ruined building and stalk towards them. Once it is in shouting distance it stops and lets out a cry and Old Realm. (Sermon of Elemental Ruination). All who can understand the shout, the dragon king, Dhany, Fierce Orchid, Kyros, and the elements themselves, become enraged.

Kyros – shoots,

Orchid steps forward and call the question, throwing it at the dragon king

Melati tries to use flames on the creature

Dhany leaps forward and punches the dragon,

Mahavir leaps forward and hits the dragon

Kyros shots with bow, not effectivly

Dhany goes to crash dragon, he usccessds in hittig her instead, stealing initiative

Kyros fires a powerful shot at the dragon, burying the arrow to the fletchings in the dk

Mahavir brings the dragon king down

The blood lust still filling her head, Fierce Orchid turns on Melati, and strikes, winding the Eclipse. Dhany, her head also filled with blood lust comes to help. Melati manages to calm the three enough through her powers of persuasion that the blood list subsides. Frustrated by the fight Fierce Orchid slams The Question into the ground beside Melati, before making it vanish and stalking off to see to the dragon king.

Orchid, Dhany & Mahavir drag the dragon kings body into shelter, Fierce Orchid checks the injuries and notes that they are healing far rapidly than even a Solars would. Even the arrow that embedded itself seemed to have only caused superficial damage.

After an hour or so the dragon king wakes up clearly still burning with anger. Dhany tries to talk to the dragon king, apologising for any transgressions the solar’s have done. But there is not much the circle can do a to calm his anger. He is angry at all the lost dragon king souls, at the loss of their empire, at how they were used by the Solars and the Unconquered Sun.

Teclotoa has intimacies to – Solars & the Unconquired sun (Hate) Defining, The Destruction of his ancient & noble civilization (fury) defining

Dhany uses social to try and reduce his hatred of Solars, explaining that the Circle wish to help the dragon kings. To awaken those that they find and restore the empire. Pointing out that he can either spend his life moping in these ruins or help them. They mention they know of ruins further south in the wyld that they intend to visit.

He asks if it is Shakanzer. The circle don’t know, but it seems possible. Teclotoa says he will accompany them, to make sure they don’t do anything untoward with the DK tech.

(i seem to be missing bits at the end here? I thought I’d written stuff but it vanished? )

Boom Town 2 Elelctric Boogaloo
S3 E3

To be tidied up!!

25 DWood – Shines Down From on High’s manse

Kyros and Fierce Orchid spend the time trading spells, Infallible messenger and Stormwind Rider.

Dhany works on Mahavir’s religious beliefs, to make him love the Unconquered Sun, with the intention of making him loose intimacies to the Pure Way.

Melati learns about the Gods bureaucracy, and that they are paid in essence, which comes from prayers.

Mahavir learns about the dragon kings (missed a bit getting food), asks how they felt about the solars disappearing. Finds out when they fought the primordials the DK’s were hit the hardest as many souls were shattered.

Aks them what solars created for – Unconquired sun turned up to the DK’s and said that they were to look after these new beings (humans) who were weak and puny – so taught them how to farm, and kept an eye on them. (apparently the raptok took humans into their city)

DK’s worshps the unconquired sun differently (as they had sacrifice, but they had perfect reincarnation – so the solars and humans would worshp slightly differently)

DK gives Mahavir a ‘thing’ a small light device (DK tech) that will light for 1001 days.

12AF – The Forbidden Monument
Kyros investigates the monument and fnds there a small slab of stone that caps the top of it, he shatters it and finds a copper plate covering the top of top. Gingerly he touches it and gets blasted.

Dhany puts up soak charms and goes to test the plate to see what happens after a few minutes of it going off. She feels a tingling sensation, and the Circle discover that the system is no longer building enough charge to go off every 10 mins.

Fierce Orchid goes to investigate the symbols in the first section of the tomb, and learns that they are mearly there to banish high level spirits.

Orchid & Mahvir enter the tomb properly through a crawl space at the start of the first room. It is a long crawl down, through twisty turny corridors, there is no way they will be able to back track unless they can exit into a larger room and turn around. They finally get to anither room, the walls covered in fancy carvings. There is a door at the other end, Orchid calls her blade and burns through a door. There is another normal sized corridor, and finally they get into a room full of statues, gold orniments, model boat, ornimental weapons, all done to small scale. Mahavir opens a normal sized sarcophigos – a poison mist envelopes him and then the two hear out and they run out the room (he takes dmg)

they head back to a previous room, and Orchid spots a secret door, find another tunnel and that leads to another room with a hole in that’s 5ft wide, mahavir holds rope and orchid heads down, finds a tomb which has breastplate, bracers, and his sword. triggers trap which fills with sand.

(intimacy of Dhany being a badass)

the circle fly back towards mada. Orchid heals Dhany who had spent a long time having electricity cursing through her.


The circle spend time in mada recooperating,

Elsewhere in the Desert

17 Ascending Fire RY 679
The Forbidden Monument
Prasadian soldiers and warrior monks wait patiently on the edge of the ruins, with the horses and jade-reinforced war chariots.
A slender, blue-armoured warrior with long white hair is perched precariously near the top of the monument, buoyed up by a powerful wind. At the base an armoured monk, a dark, muscular woman wearing heavy white-jade gauntlets and another woman holding a green-jade powerbow who is clearly unused to the desert.
The white haired man leaps from the monument, landing lightly just as it unleashes a blast of essence lightning.
“You are such a fucking showoff Bemeshi”, says the big woman, with an exaggerated roll of her eyes. She ignores the sharp glance from the monk.
Bemeshi grins, “A small group were here, probably five. Two entered the tomb, while another stood on top to disable the primary trap for around three hours. Judging from the width of the scuff marks she was a woman.” He pauses before continuing, “This wasn’t there first visit, the cap blocking the shaft into the tomb was a replacement, there are fragments of the original in the first chamber. On top of that, there are no tracks coming or going, but the sand is disturbed as if a whirlwind had come and from here.”
“Stormwind Rider”, says the woman with the bow, “It’s sorcery, my cousin knows the spell”.
The big woman spits, “Ys”.
“No”, the monks voice is deep, “This is the work of the Anathema, the rarest and most vile of all such abominations. The Solar Anathema.”

An Ancient Ruin Deep in the Desert
The olchilike stands upon his ziggurat and surveys the desert and ruin about him as he nurses his rage. Rage at the foolish human ‘explorers’ and fair folk raiders that dare to enter is territory, but most of all rage at the god that betrayed and failed his people.
He lifts his macuahuitl of orichalcum and black adamant to the sky and roars in fury.

A Ruin Surrounded by the Wyld
A clearly prehuman ruin sits in the Wyld, its structure warped and slowly shifting. Except for a solitary ziggurat, still shielded by hastily erected and slowly failing wards. Deep beneath is a room, lit only by the slowly blinking symbols on ancient crystal panels. Around the walls of the room and seven huge crystal cylinders, what ancient secrets do they hide within?

In an office in Heaven

Five people sit around a table in the lushly appointed office.

“So, Jocasta, how are matters in the Dreaming Sea?”, speaks a green-eyed man.

A woman with short hair and yellow eyes responds, “Aside from the full circle of Deathknights building an empire on the edge of Creation?".

A red-eyed woman speaks, “As you know, the Convention of Deathlords is unable to grant additional resources to counter a group of independent Abyssals operating in a region with no direct Deathlord influence.”

Jocasta grimaces and continues, “It seems the encouragement of low-intensity trade is keeping the Sapphire Court raksha docile, although I would personally prefer it if a Convention strike team dealt with the situation. The Obsidian Court is still aggressive, sending warriors to strike from the desert Wyld zones."

“What is the situation on returning Solars? Ys transitioning back into a Solar dominion would be concerning.", asked a woman with blue eyes.

“As you can read in my reports, Sacnite. Approximately a year ago a Solar circle was eaten by a forbidden Exigent. There have been isolated reports of Solars since then, but I believe they are keeping a fairly low profile. As for Ys, I can assure you that there have been no Solar sorcerer-princes since my predecessor dealt with Yoroon Shalal. I have however uncovered evidence of a Makarios cult operating in Ys."

Pilgrims of the Great Khenu River
S3 E2

17 RW The Forbidden Monument

The circle decide to see if it’s possible that Thucala might be able to help. Kyros writes a letter, and Fierce Orchid and Dhany fly to White Gold Temple. Only to find that she had died of dehydration due to whatever magic surrounded the place a week ago, they come back.

Meanwhile Mahavir & Kyros explore options for getting into the tomb, the find that after prolonged exposure to the essence lighting rope burns.

Once Fierce Orchid & Dhany come back, Kyros opens the seal, all that can be seen is a black hole. Kyros casts Flight of the Brilliant Raptor and once the flames had died down, Fierce Orchid sends her familiar to have a look. The hole opens up to a small room, below the hole is the sign for the sigil of endings, with further occult symbols carved on the sides. A small Crawlspace leads off to one side.

21RW/23RW – Great Khenu River
The circle stormwind rider towards Atwak and the Manse for the Question. The area is mostly farms and everywhere is mildly fortified in case of raiders.

25RW – 8DW – Trading Post
The circle buy supplies for climbing, then waits for a passing pilgrim barge to go to the mountains. It takes days, to the annoyance of most of the party. Once a barge arrives, Melati bargains for a place on the barge, but ends up getting fleeced and handing over two of her prized swords, including the greatsword.

The barge proves worse then the town and the mountains get closer at an infitesimal rate. The party debarks days later at another trading post in frustration. After a quick top up, they trek into the desert far enough to embark in a Stormwind Rider instead.

8DW – 22DW Base of Shines Down On High’s mountain
Stormwind Rider proves useless in mountains, so it’s a long trek through them to the mountain home of Shines Down on High.

The circle arrive at the the mountain, after asking around they hear that it is apparently difficult to get to the temple – there are usually sandstorms, snowstorms and such. Kyros realises the The Answer is not linked to the temple.

The circle head on up the path, deciding to pay respect to Shines Down On High, before seeing if they can get to the manse for The Question. They find the climb surprisingly easy, there are convenient rest stops and there was no need for the climbing equipment.

After 3 days they arrive at an enormous golden manse, a step pyramid in design. A few large reptilian creatures (8ft tall) bearing orichalcum clubs stand on guard and wave the circle in. The inside is brightly lit, lots of windows & mirrors to make it super bright.

The circle arrive in a big room, there are more lizard people, an assortment of gods, half a dozen earth elementals (rocky), fire ducks and at far end on a stone throne (far too large for him) is a who they assume to be Shines Down On High, he looks tall, dark skinned, human but with the head of crocodile, wearing a Pharaoh’s headdress and holding a sun headed mace made out of orichalcum.

He welcomes the circles and says they are about 1000 and a half years late. After a brief exchange he asks if they mind if he changes in a more comfortable form as he’s still not used I this one after 500 years. He changes into an 8ft gold scaled and heavily muscled saurian creature, mirror like scales cover his back and his clothing. His name is Quequauatzin.

The circle learn the following:

* That we should visit the Black Pharaoh, as they get antsy when random exalts wonder through.
* 400 years ago – the fledgling Madean civilisation (nomads and bandits) got attacked by fair folk, driving them back when one of the fair folk slew the pharaoh, the army started to crumble, when the crocodile priests attempted to bring the pharaoh back to life. It sort of worked, the Black Pharaoh is an immortal protector of the country.
* That only the person wielding The Question should enter the manse initially.
* He finds the Madean empire funny. The crocodile priests found ancient anklokian ruins, couldn’t speak dragon king and so based their religion off the pictures.
* He is a bit troubled by this, as the Crocodile Priests are getting his stuff wrong, but they are a civilisation in the desert that worships the sun. There was a race of saurian creatures called the dragon kings who served the sun, in the wake of the usurpation, the dragon kings suffered terribly in the 1st war when they fought alongside original exalted and their numbers have greatly reduced with empire shattered, then in wake of usurpation when solars didn’t return they were persuaded and harried by DB’s and then almost finished off by great contagion & fair folk invasion. Their ancestors roam the forests as beasts. A young dragon king is a feral beast, they worship the unconquered sun as a being that gave them intellect, its possible to use a spirit charm to restore the intellect to them. Melati will learn the spirit charm.

* The Usurpation – the ancient solars went mad/power hungry so the Unconquered Sun turned his back on them. The mandate of heaven then passed to whoever could take it, the Dragon Blooded rose up and slaughtered the solars – and for some reason they didn’t come back, until now. But the Unconquered Sun has now turned his face back to creation, and has promised to never abandon them again. Also PS – this is why the lunars are so angry – the Dragon Blooded queue jumped the Lunars to take power.

* The Forbidden monument – That is where they buried Captain Amadar, who was a counter-terrorism specialist for the empire’s on the dreaming sea, had an elite unit, dealt with uprisings, fair folk invasions. Inherited Venihir, from his previous incarnation, who inherited it from his, etc etc.
* Phoenix Snake – There was a dragon king settlement called Itlan, that was where phoenix serpent used to dwell, they used alchemical substances to keep it docile. It is intelligent and speaks old realm, but gets agitated pretty easily. Its feathers made wonderful cloaks – might be stuff there
* Lycea – She was known as Malaki, helped construct Volovat. Apparently just north of Ydanna theres an area that shipping tends to ignore, as they tend to disappear. Possibly because she is living in a vast underwater city building an army (for something..)
* The bleak council is handling a situation in the underworld which is ‘unpleasant’.
* Dhany asks bout a vision she had of living with dragon kings in the jungle – They were Raptok, the city was Rathess. he goes on to explain about the dragon kings, how there are 4 types, Anklok down south – priestly (rarest), east Raptok – numerous, built cities, north – Pterok, flight and mysticism, west mossock – really big and cunning (illusion magic)

Fierce Orchid flies on Agata to the big white war manse (on top of flat mountain – like its been cut off) see lines of war golems on the inside, within the main chamber is a gigantic slap of orichalcum – 18ft tall, 3ft wide, 6 inches thick inscribed on it is The Answer. Grasping that is a suit of orhichalcum and white jade royal warstrider.


Meanwhile in Ys

Thegum the Eternal broods in a darkened room, wearing the body of a young man.
“The divinations have failed again, something occludes them from our sight”, reports a masked sorcerer, inky black tattoos writhing in the gloom.
“No matter, I have put another plan into motion, one even the Exalted cannot evade”, Thegum places an ornate Lead Crucible on the marble table before him.
Another sorcerer-prince speaks, “That turned out poorly for Dhulla”.
“Dhulla was an incompetent fool and besides, did you not say thatAstyon sabotaged his working? We will leave Ysyr on the morn, this is not a being we wish to summon so close to civilisation"

Boom Town
S3 E2

5 RW – Mada

The circle stay in an inn on the outskirts of Mada.

6RW – Mada
During the night Kyros gets a dream visit by Unfettered Eternal Brilliance, his necromancer best friend, to say that Serenity in Steel, had made it back on Haven by swimming. The trading fleet got hit by a well armed and organised band of ‘pirates’ that had quite a lot of Dragon-Blooded. The strike included a Water Aspect hitting the ships from below and repeated Flights of the Brilliant Raptor from above.

The circle spend the next week learning a bit more about Mada, updates now on the wiki entry for the city and empire.

Gold & copper are favoured as they are associated with the sun, where as silver is associated with the Lady and no one wants to draw her attention.

Orchid found out more on the local gods: –
– Ahlat also worshipped as god of the sun
– Sundrepa also popular, an Eastern god of war, primarily guerilla wars and similar tactics, but also Goddess of dinosaurs and similiar reptilian beasts
– Shines Down on High’s domain includes the city god (Khmada), all reptile gods are also under his domain, including a serpent goddess whose portfolio includes knowledge. Shines Down on High has a manse, at head the Khenu river (just past Atwak) and righteous pilgrims who make the journey to see him get an audience.
- Woman in White – prayed to in a ‘please don’t notice me’ way. She rules over local disease, famine, catastrophe spirits. Also includes some gods of healing and fertility. She is strong on hospiality rules – if you are in the desert and don’t offer to share camp/food she tends to smite you. Luck is blamed on her. Babies aren’t named till a year old, as its thought she won’t hurt them if they are unnamed.
-The Madaeans have picked up from the Pure Way the worship the Elemental Dragons, but that its blaphemous for humans to worship them – they have six dragons.
‘Great Solar Dragon’

Dhany spends time ingratiating herself with the ‘Toothless Viper Entertainers’ -a group of performers that aren’t terrible, they travel up and down the river across the Madean Empire. She instills in them hatred for Prasad and encourages them to start producing performances against said empire.

Fierce Orchid talks to the nomads, getting to know them in order to find out about locations of desert ruins.

During this time, Mahavir kept his ear to the ground, learning about the city and its people and trying to stay out of trouble. This knowledge is mostly reflected above or on the entry for Mada, but some secrets are only known to him.

13RW – Mada
The circle leave Mada, heading towards what they hope is Mahavir’s ancestral tomb. 4 days out, they tire of the trek and take a Stormwind Rider the rest of the way.

17RW – The desert near Prasad

The circle arrive at a black obelisk sticking out the sand. The Forbidden Monument. After they could discern no visible entrance, Fierce Orchid uncovers more of the monument with Stormwind Rider to reveal an entrance on each side of the monument. Inside the entrance was a carved rock plug, sealing a hole down. As the circle ponder what to do, the whole area goes white, and the whole circle, besides Mahavir, who dodged, get knocked backwards by a blast of essence lighting. While the others waited out of range of the blasts, not wanting to take any further damage, Mahavir went closer and made himself immaterial, in an attempt to see if he would still be hit. After dodging the first few blasts, which occurred every 10 minutes, he rematerialised at Orchid’s feet, smoking and stunned. The circle discussed their next steps for how to get into the tomb.

Mada Bound
S3 E1

20DW – Prince Astyon’s House, Planquin

The circle spent the next few days under house arrest at Prince Astyon’s House, with Aetaia and Anthousa, who was still unconscious from her ordeal.

Aetaia told them all she knew on Thegum. She had been a thrall, but Thegum, possessing the body of one of his cultists had changed her into a Silver Manticore. She helped him only because of the binding, he was a horrible person. She knew he worked with several other Sorcerer Princes including Thassis0s (deceased), Haal (deceased) & Yurkon. She didn’t know much about the workings that he did.

Twleve Perfect Wisdoms popped by to let the circle know that pretty much all the other Sorceror Princes wanted them dead and that while Prince Astyon was protecting them she would need something to work on. So the circle fill Twelve Perfect Wisdoms in on the fact that Haal was working with someone who had been stricken from the records by the Sorceror King.

21 DW & 22 DW

Mahavir, dressing up as a thrall sneaks off to explore Prince Astyon’s house, to find out more about her and what’s going on. He hears conversations from the other thralls about rampaging blood apes, war thralls being taken for interrogation, conversations about the amount of orahalcum that we have, and that another Sorcerer prince has a giant orahalcum sword in Arqad. On the 2nd day he hears that Prince Astyon has cleared her quarters out of people entirely and so he sneaks in to see what he can find out. He overhears part of an important conversation, and leaves quickly before he is discovered. He informs the circle that he will fill them in with the details later, but that their host has contacts with Lycaea and that he believes Prince Astyon does want to help them.

23 DW

The circle finally get to see Prince Astyon. She believes she is in a position to say we were working for her to deal with Prince Haal, as he was a traitor, but strongly suggests that the circle leave town for a while. (Especially due to the light show the circle out on.) She also ‘suggested’ that the circle could do something that would greatly help her. She wants the city of Y’danna smoted by the wrath of the celestial gods, and is unconcerned with anyone standing at the end. Prince Astyon informs the circle that a powerful Exogent is in the area who may have eaten some Solars, but that they should concentrate on annihilate the Devil King and ignore the Exogent. She believes there’s a terrible evil brewing there, that its not exactly time critical, but that the circle should deal with that before coming to back to Planquin.

As the circle make to leave her house, a load of gryphon with riders swoop down on the city. Amidst them a massive flame gryphon lands in the middle of the square, and the barbarian Blood and Sand leaps off, carrying two very full sacks. She drops the sacks and a pair of daiklaves on the ground. ‘These are the heads of your assassins. For the attempts on my life the tributes your tribute has increased.’

Mahavir managed to steal a daiklave from the pile, he later learns that is called Seethe And that is belonged to clan Gonde, a dragon blooded clan he has had dealings with in the past. The sword is a family heirloom that they lost in a fight with pirates some time ago, it is something they would be very pleased to see again.

Fierce Orchid stormwind riders everyone to Arqad.

24 DW – Arqad

The Circle stay at Fawziya’s. Mahavir finally fills them in on what he learnt at Prince Astyon’s. That Lycaea knows Prince Astyon on a first name basis, they are not fond of each other, and that their relationship seems to be as if they were speaking on ‘even’ terms. Mahavir says that Kyros’ ‘ball & chain’ of another life, Lycaea, feels that Prince Astyon was not following the correct strategic path now that ‘our people are back’, the Realm is collapsing and it wouldn’t be wise to keep the circle around as she might get into trouble. Prince Astyon seemed irked at the barbarian raids, whereby Lycaea was ‘sadistically amused’ at what Prince Astyon‘s lack of action when she was dealing with ’Solars, death knights & rampaging Lunars’. Finally hearing glass smashing Mahavir had felt it would be prudent to leave.

Fierce Orchid ask Fawzire about Prince Kawfaz and this orahalcum sword. Fawziresays that he has the sword sitting pride of place in his museum, although shes not quite sure how he got it there. Its called The Question (because it has that written on it) and he just shows it off to visitors. Mahavir, disguised as one of Kawfaz’s thralls, plants evidence on a rival sorcerer-prince while both are in a public square, and then reveals the rival as a thief. In the resultant conflict, he slips off and steals the unguarded blade for Fierce Orchid.

Kyros explains some of what happened and why to Anthousa – to say she is displeased is an understatement.

In order to ensure their safety Fierce Orchid takes Anthousa and Aetaia to Blood Cove. Bringing the rest of the party some time later.

27 DW – Blood Cove

Kyros takes the time to study The Question, A stream of essence linked to the sword is going west. As it is going in the direction the circle were considering going, towards Mada, they decide to follow it.

Enroute the circle pause at White Gold Temple, they spend a day attempting to get inside, to no avail. All they can see is that a person taking 2 steps in is frozen in place and anyone that is pulled out doesn’t remember what happened or even now much time had past. It is clear that other adventurers have simply starved to death. The Temple appears to be an active Fire Manse.

The circle head to Canticle to see if they can get mounts to ride to Mada, knowing that they will not be able to take advantage of travel via sorcery for a while.

Riding Austreach they arrive at Mada 34 days later.

5AW – Mada

How Not to Rescue Your Sister
S2 E18

20 DW
(Note this is not a complete blow by blow account.)

Faced with a veritable horde of Blood Apes, hearing more troops incoming and seeing what had been done to Kyros’ sister, Anthousa the circle didn’t hold back. Melati opened with a huge swing from her goremaul, smashing through a large chunk of the Blood Apes battle group.

Mahavir cast has hands wide and they began to seethe with lavender and grey energy. The Blood Apes were cast aback by their splendour, and Mahavir charged through the gap towards the stairs on the left. As he does this he casts knife after knife at the stairway guardian, Aetaia, but she intercepts most of the blades with her own projectiles, and only a few deflected blows reach her.

At this, the Blood Apes retaliated against the others. While the first blows went wide, the second attack had more success, Fierce Orchid barely felt it, but it winded Dhany and Melati.

Kyros, having kept out of the general melee to perch on a statue took aim at Prince Haal and fired, visibly wounding the Prince.

Dhany retaliates against the blood apes, hitting them hard, reducing their numbers even further.

Prince Haal, unable to do anything else attempts to attack Kyros with an eye beam attack. It fails utterly as Kyros calls on his earth elemental body guard for aid, the attack bouncing harmlessly off Rocky.

More enemies pour into the room as Prince Haal’s war thralls finally arrive, striking at Dhany, Fierce Orchid and Melati.

Dhany loses momentum in her attack and Aetaia uses the opportunity to through her knife. Fierce Orchid steps in the way, the knife striking her in the face and temporarily blinding her, she is tough enough to simply shrug off the posion.

Melati turns her attention to the war thralls, Dhany to their captain, leaving Orchid to finish off the blood apes.

Prince Haal turns his attention to Mahavir and misses as Mahavir slides in to the base of the stairs, leaving a furrow of charred stone behind him from the close call.

Mahavir charges up the stairs and rushes Aetaia, his whip cutting in inside her defensive stance. As they spar they exchange some brief words, before
Mahavir strikes out at her with a pearlescent grey glove, misses, and strides on towards Anthousa/Thegum. Aetaia makes only a show of attacking from then on.

Having finished the blood apes Fierce Orchid throws her sword at Prince Haal, killing him, he explodes into a fireball, hitting Anthousa/Thegum, Kyros and Mahavir take no damage from the blast, despite being in range.

After driving Anthousa/Thegum back in to the flames with several quick strikes of his sword, steps in close to deliver a knock out blow with the pommel of his whip. He misjudges, striking Anthousa/Thegum too hard and smashing her to the ground with a shattering crunch of bone.

Anthousa’s eyes flare and burn out.

The thralls begin to scatter and Fierce Orchid makes her way over, the circle stay in Haal’s house for the next hour while she does her best to stabilise Anthousa.

Aetaia explains that Thegumwould have abandoned the body as soon as Anthousa‘died’ and that they need to remove the markings on her skin so that he cannot re-enter. She does not wish to say more about Thegum, until they are all somewhere safe, as he has limited vision through his sorcerous markings.

Twelve Perfect Wisdoms turned up and commented on the mess that the circle had made, attacking a sorcerer prince and that it would be best if they let Prince Astyon take them under house arrest. The circle comply knowing that it was likely the best option.



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