Legends of Creation

Eternal Doom
S2 E17

17 DW

After canvassing the port and finally breaking in and reading the logs Mahavir learnt that the silver masked woman had left on a Ysyrian galley, owned by Sorcerer Prince Haal 5 days ago.

The circle head to Prince Fawziya, Mahavir and Kyros discuss the golems of Arqad on the way. Kyros claiming that Arqad only ever used them for defense.

Prince Fawziya says she has no knowledge of Prince Haal, but the woman in the silver mask does ring a bell. In early Ysyrian history the princes would create enhanced thralls, using them as assassin’s and minions. They grew in power and formed the Silver Manitcore Society who gained political power. Then about 200 years ago, amid rumours the society had become a Mara cult, something triggered a brief war, the society had stock piled a demon army and they fought against the Sorcerer Princes. Even Polyxhen the mother of sorcery was drawn into the fight. In the end half the council was killed and the society was destroyed, and no one has been able to figure out the old ritual since.

The circle then headed back to Planquin, as they reason that if the ship had been heading there it would arrive in the next day or so. Mahavir & Melati ask at the docks to find the ship. They learn that a ship belonging to Prince Haal left 13 days ago, crewed by thralls and carrying a strange women in a silver mask.

The circle also discover that Melati’s house had been destroyed and any remaining servants killed. It was clearly the work of Blood Apes. Occult symbols marked the ground and the remains of various walls. Fierce Orchid hadn’t seen anything like it before, but she did recognise some modified summoning glyphs and infernal sigils, and that it could be a mandala used for focusing & meditation.

The circle decided to stay at an in, The Smiling Eel, where everyone but Kyros sleeps well.

Kyros’ dreams are full of fire, until finally Thegam the Eternal appeared. He told Kyros that if he didn’t hand over the artifacts he would kill Kyros’ sister and then anything Kyros might hold dear, the circle, the city etc.

With the situation spiralling out of control Kyros sends an Infallible Messenger get to his lunar mate, asking for her help. Lycaea replies:

“You can’t expect me to clean up all your messes for you, sweetie. I did tell you to throw him in a coffin, fill it with lead and then dump in in the ocean, instead of your ridiculous working.”

Following Fierce Orchid’s advice Kyros attempts to have a vision. In it he sees himself separating Thegam’s body from his spirit and scattering his spirit, as he had somehow made himself immortal.

While the rest of the circle waited for Kyros, Mahavir’s contacts came back to him to let him know that the bounty in the barbarian leader harassing Mada, Planquin and Arqad had gone up to 30 talents, no small sum of money. It was being offered by Baseeha the Heartless, a woman the circle had absolutely o intention of helping.

Finally the ship comes in, Mahavir sneaks on board and finds no sign that any women had been on board. He grabs the charts and captain’s log instead.

The logs indicates that the ship left Planquin 13 days ago, arrived in Arqad just before the blood ape rampage (the ship was carrying ‘special’ cargo – blood apes) then it collected crew and some special guests and left the city, the next day the special guests were picked up.

Debating what was meant by ‘picked up’ the circle headed down to intimidate the captain into giving answers. (They would shortly learn that it meant Agata back to Planquin and that they were already too late.) The captain refused to budge and the circle left, a short while later several thralls were sent off the ship, the circle followed and found themselves at mansion in the upper city. Knowing that they could not allow Thegam the Eternal any more time to prepare, the circle burst in to the house. Where they were confronted by Prince Haal, Aetaia the silver manitcore and Thegum the Eternal possessing the body of Anthousa, Kyros’s sister.


Slaves and Sorcerers
S2 E16

Using Stormwind Rider Fierce Orchid slammed the circle down in the middle of the guild citadel. Gunning for a fight Fierce Orchid leaped deeper in the fray, coming up against the commander of the mercenaries. Who gave the command to execute all the slaves. Dhany and Kyros fought off the main group of mercenaries, while Melati and Mahavir headed down to save the slaves from the slaughter. Melati slaughtering mercenaries to get there and Mahavir turning to smoke. Angry at the slavers and angry that her blows weren’t connecting Fierce Orchid countered an attack from the commander, dropping her in one fell swoop.

Many of the old and infirm slaves had been killed before Melati and Mahavir made it down, but there were almost 200 still alive. Some of those however had already had their souls eaten by the fair folk. Fierce Orchid began to aid the sick and injured, and discovered that members of her tribe were amongst some of the healthy slaves. Learning that Prasad was pushing the various barbarian tribes harder than ever. Knowing that there was no way to cure those who had had their souls eat Fierce Orchid respectfully tended to the husks that had been left behind.

Dhany and Melati began to question the remaining mercenaries, to try and work out exactly who from the guild was running this operation. They didn’t get much, except that it was clear the mercenaries were a nasty bunch.

Fortunately Kyros who had been keeping watch spotted a figure running away from the citadel towards a ship that was docked. It was an easy job for him to catch the man and bring him back. Mahavir was keeping watch too, but on the other side of the building.

The man was a Guild Administrator and the circle learn that the 9 Eyes consortium are the people running the secret trade with the fair folk. The land the citadel is on belongs to Prince Acalam, and the next shipment isn’t due for a few more months. The 9 Eyes office is in Ydanna. Eventually, the Guild Administrator had no more to give and Mahavir ended him.

Mahavir investigated the body of the commander, and after getting Fierce Orchid’s expertise, and determine that the commander had probably been a half demon (blood ape) and had been/or was still bound by someone.

The freed slaves finish off the remaining mercenaries. As the circle try and work out how to get the freed slaves away from the citadel Galen arrives and says he can take them in the boat.

The circle head off to the Ysyr capital, as Kyros had business there. Dhany and Fierce Orchid remaining outside with the artefacts that southern converted by many Sorcerer Princes. Kyros, Melati and Mahavir headed to the Tower of Records so that Kyros could find out more on Thegam The Eternal.

The historians could find no record of such a Sorcerer Prince, the tower only holds the names of those who have not been stricken from the records. Sorcerer Princes are stricken because of terrible terrible crimes they have committed so no record is kept of them at all, only a dozen have been stricken off since the start of Ysyr (500 years).

Kyros wondered if perhaps Thegam was a contemporary of the Sorcerer King. The historians found a punishment listed from the creator of Ysyr, on one of his original number – they were forced to submit to a sorcerous working and struck from record – having been accused of infernalism and treason. He was ironically punished and stripped of all form and unable to interact with reality for all eternity. The circle wondered if maybe enough time had passed for him to have reformed in some manner.

The circle spent the next week in Planquin.

  • Mahavir spent time building his network of urchins
  • Dhany started to teach the poor
  • Fierce Orchid spent te week in a grump, healing the poor and beating up any bad guys she may have come across.
  • Melati tried to sell things to make money back

Prince Fawziya turns up, the bearer of bad news for Kyros. She explains how a foreigner turned up in Arqad and attempted to summon 2 Blood Apes. It failed and they rampaged through the streets killing several people including Kyros’ parents and his sister is currently missing.

The circle rush down to Arqad, prepared to do what they can to help Kyros and find his sister. Fierce Orchid summons an Anhules, to hopefully find his sister and kidnap her back from wherever she’s been taken.

Kyros headed to his sister’s shop and sensed that she had been zapped by magic. He asked Mahavir if he could find anyone who might have seen anything. Mahavir finds a drunk lookout who saw a woman in a silver mask and some goons on the day in question.

A Tale of Two Princes
s2 E15

Dhany attends an orgy – to find out about astologers – Pherenikie said that prince Aetenti is better (as she is attractive etc) and not the other as he’s creepy

Prince Haal has been asking about Kyros & DHany

circle head off to meet Sorceror Prince Aetenti – they have to wait till late afternoon, as she had not yet risen (tall & slightly leaning tower) – she does not seem the type to keep secrets – she was oathbound by melati to not spill secrets
negotiations occur and she will only help if they give her one of the Ysr artifacts – the circle leave

next day they go visit Prince Ness – to see if he can’t be more accommodating
he will help but wants either a necromantic spell or Nafarie Half Dead……

That night Kyros is visted in his dreams by Unfettered Eternal Brilliance
Kyros asks for a necromantic spell & they converse about the curse

A few days later he comes back to Kyros and say’s that the curse is on Haven & that Serenity in Steel has some free time and so will come to Planquin & and will travel with the ships.

The Circle head off for a Guild Citidel to free slaves

Doooom & Beaurcracy
s2 E14

Orchid is harassed by the ministry of public works for not having a permit to change the shit.

Kyros & Dhany are hit with a mysterious illness, and are at death’s door by the time that their cries for help are heard in Melati’s house. Orchid has to glow like the sun in order to cure them of their illness (assassin’s fatal touch)

Mahavir goes to the ministry – after Orchid attempts to and then has no idea how to achieve anything, except that money is required. Mahavir disguises himself to try and find out who is dealing with the issue.

Melati turns up at last – manages to use bureaucracy to keep orchid out of trouble

Orchid finishes her working

Dhany met up with her Sorceror Prince & got the name of two Sorceror Prince astrologer’s who might be able to help push the curse aside/do something to make Andy’s luck turn.

(To be tidied later!!)

Magical Sanitation Authority
s2 E13

Back in Planquin the circle discussed their options with regards to Melati’s troubles but no consensus was reached.

Fierce Orchid began a sorcerous working to alter what came out of the plumbing pipes in the lower city. Her aim to change the shit into water and direct it over the lower city and in to the sea. This was going to take some time and so the others began to work on their own goals.

Dhany began her investigations into the illegal trade of humans to fairfolk. Galen popped up and told them the Sapphire Court would be a good place to start. Knowing that they did not yet have the time or resources to travel to such a location, Dhany, Mahavir & Melati flew to a hidden island they’d heard about. They knew that slaves had possibly been kept there but that it had also recently been raided by barbarians. Unfortunately they discovered nothing of interest.

The mysterous astrologer who had offered Melati help with learning who might have cast the curse on the trade deal returned. He declared that the curse was indeed sorcerous, that it came from Planquin and that someone of a princely nature was responsible

Mahavir and Melati spent time trying to learn more about who this person could be. Mahavir learning that Prasad wants the deal to fail. Melati and Kyros visited yet another air elemental, in the hope of gleaming some new information.

Kyros spent his time summoning a Jokun to act as a body guard and made a sword for Melati.

Mahavir also learnt what the Onyx Hawks, a group he had had some dealings with previously, had been up to. Hespiros, the old leader had been killed by Athenais, his niece, and Lysandra, another potential leader was in hiding. Knowing how brutal Athenais was, and how awful the Onyx Hawks had become, though they had never been ‘nice’, Mahavir made the call to assassinate Athenais. Sneaking into her bed chambers he had a nasty surprise when a spirit, later identified as a Bloody Hand, a god of murder, appeared and woke Athenais up. Mahavir was able to get a good stab in, but the Spirit whisked her away before he could finish the job. In the commotion that followed Melati and Kyros, who had been waiting outside just in case, rushed in to help, just as Mahavir chased the remaining goons away. What rumours would now be spread about the circle and would Athenais’s escape prove costly?

As Fierce Orchid’s working began to draw to a close the circle pondered what adventure they might go on next. A timely knock on the door bought Thucala to their attention. She was eager to to go and investigate the White Gold Temple, in the hopes she might find something to help her learn sorcery. She wanted the help of the adventures who had managed to survive the Winter Tomb, supposing that they were God Blooded. She knew of the traps that surrounded the outside, and she supposed that as an Exalted she would be allowed to pass. The circle, slightly wary did agree, she was an outcast dragon blooded, but they still knew the need for caution.

Somewhere in Ys

A perfect youth stands surrounded by bronze-masked thralls, his body is tattooed with strange occult symbols and his eyes burn with azure flames. He addresses a cabal of sorcerer-princes, many adorned with rippling inky-black tattoos.
“This ‘Kyros’ and his associates have taken the artifacts of Yoroon Shalal”, His voice is distorted as if echoing up from a great depth, “Artifacts that are essential for the cause”
The assembled sorcerer-princes murmur assent, while monstrous creatures howl in agreement.

Booze, Fortunes & yet more Booze!
s2 E12

With Calibration in full swing most of the circle, partied hard. Melati decided that she would prefer to do business and had an airfolk astrologer read the stars on how well her latest business venture, investing in the fleet to Haven, would go. Accompanied by Kyros and being chided by a very drunk Fierce Orchid he received an answer she did not want to hear. The venture was cursed, until next calibration. This concerned Melati greatly as she had a lot invested on the venture succeeding.

Well into their cups they were approached by another mysterious astrologer, offering to read their future. Melati shared her tale of woe , convinced that a sorcerer must bee the perpetrator, and the astrologer offered his assistance. He would take what details were known and do some research into who might have cast such a powerful curse. The venture was due to leave in 3 months, the astrologer’s research would take at least a month.

Kyros decided that perhaps a renowned airfolk astrologer could help him find Lycaea. The astrologer needed a lot of information to be able to start the search. Kyros attempted to be cagey at first, but after failing utterly at this ended up giving over more information than was perhaps wise. As they left the astrologer, they were approached by a woman identifying herself as Twelve Perfect Wisdoms. Who pointed out that a) Lunars had hidden themselves from astrology and b) everything that had been said had been recorded, including the implication that Kyros was a Solar. She indicated she could remove the offending documents from where they would be stored if the circle when to visit her master Prince Astyon.

Knowing that they couldn’t really say no the circle agreed. Prince Astyon’s palace was located by the central square. She wished to know what the circle’s plans were. The circle had to admit that they currently had none.

With nothing else requiring their attention until the astrologer produced answers, the circle headed back to Blood Cove. For 3 weeks Fierce Orchid worked in healing the sick, while Kyros investigated the ruins. The whole area was a demanse, the ruins a destroyed manse. The demanse was the whole reason the people living there had mutated so much, but it’s isolation and defences were the reason they had remained safe from the sorcerer princes.

The party began to wonder if this might be a good spot to set up a base of operations. Fierce Orchid could reduce the mutations allowing them to safely leave the area for work and send resources back to family while Kyros could build a manse. This however would take a long time to build. The party would have to decide where their priorities lay.

Nightmare of a Dead Titan
s2 E11

The party waited in the ghosts camp as the ritual was started. The ground soon began to shake violently. Struggling to keep their balance the party soon saw things being to claw their way up from the ash. Zombies. A loud explosion soon followed as something blew the top off the dead volcano.

Knowing that it was imperative that they keep the priest alive so that he could identify the beast that had emerged the party could only stand their ground against the zombies, while the other ghosts battled the beast directly.

Finally the beast was identified <insert name="true">. The party battled against zombies, the chocking ash and the terrible fear from the beast to move forward.

Within the battle field chaos reigned, Dhany, Mahavir and Melati surged ahead as one. The beast sensing an opportunity breathed out Pyreflme And the three dropped to unconsciousness. Fierce Orchid could only press on, priest in tow, knowing that the beast had to be felled before she could offer any assistance to her comrades.

The beast moved to attack and Orchid parried it easily, sensing opportunity she countered, hitting the beast hard. Each time the beast stuck Orchid parried, and when opportunity struck she countered, damaging the beast. Until finally it fell. Orchid breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that it would not rise again for 100s of years.

What few ghosts remained helped her to carry her comrades back the the camp. After a day of rest and what healing could be provided they flew to Palanquin to enjoy the last few days of calibration.

Calibration Preparations
S2 E10

After a month’s journey the party returned to Arqad with a week to go before Calibration.

Excavating The Travelling Palace
S2 E9

The party hit Prince Thassios hard and fast, with Fierce Orchid, Dhany Aag Kathakalli and Melati of the Rising Dawn charging to the front on Stormwind Rider. Kanchana Mahavir, Kyros and Prince Fawziya brought up the rear.

Before they could strike at Prince Thassios the party had to deal with both his pack of Blood Apes as well as his Tomescu guard, which was holding Kyros’s bow. Before the rear guard could even begin to get stuck into the fight the front lines had taken heavy damage. The Blood Apes hit the three of them hard. The Tomescu’s attack quickly followed suit and it was only due to Fierce Orchid’s quick interception of it’s blow that meant Dhany Aag Kathakalli was still standing. .

As the party pressed the attack and were in turn pressed Kyros in a whirl of desperation called forth his power and cast Flight of Brilliant Raptor hitting friend and foe alike. The fire prevented Prince Thassios from getting his spell off. Fighting on through the flames Fierce Orchid finished off the Tomescu,

[To finish think Mahavir finished the prince off?]

Upon looting the corpse they found:

Having now delt with the Sorceror Prince the party set up camp. Fierce Orchid spent time summoning Blood Apes to both dig up parts of the Travelling Palace as well as for protection. Galen spent time exploring their surroundings so that he could warn the party of any pending Fair Folk attack, as the Palace had crashed in the Border Marches. (For in the time that the party spent there, 10 days, the Fair Folk had begun to amass an army to attack.)

The digging Blood Apes had finally found the corpses of those who had been killed when the palace had crashed. Hungry Ghosts bust out wiping out those Blood Apes. The party readied themselves for a fight and attacked. The party dispatched of the ghosts without much effort with Dhany Aag Kathakalli finishing off the Hungry Ghost of Yoroon Shalal. Kyros’ former self.

On Yoroon Shalal’s corpse they found:

Once Galen had returned the party left, for they had everything they needed for now.


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