Legends of Creation

Interlude - The Arisen Prophet

A pale woman with strawberry-blonde hair, clad in elaborate black silk stands before an enraptured crowd in the great sea-caves of Haven. Flanking her are a dozen masked people in the ceremonial robes of Dreaming Pearl Courtesan masters.
As she raises her hand, the throng grows suddenly quiet.

“People of Haven, no longer must you live in fear”
“The Fair Folk flee before our righteous sangha and the wrathful spirits now serve us as hunting beasts.”
“As I died, but rose again, so will the great Haven Empire!”

As the crowd cheers wildly, a black disk (like that of the zenith caste) appears on her forehead, lined with blood.

The Answer to the Earth
Season 1, episode 9

The Circle quickly finished their business in Y’danna and set off to Ysyr.
Buoyed by auspicious winds and tides they made the journey in a single week, one third of the normal time.
On reaching Ysyr they found that the area around Prince Dhullaa’s manse has been riven with earthquakes. On reaching the manse, the circle encountered a minor Sorcerer-Prince and his retinue, who had blockaded the area in order to prevent the strange madness from spreading. People who entered the manse had been coming out with an intense hatred for rocks and stone. He also informed Kallikrates that the High Council have been debating different schemes to deal with this problem.

On entering the manse, the circle found these disturbances were the work of Stanewald, She Who Surmounted the Omphalos and engaged her in combat.

Daddy Issues
Season 1, Episode 8

The circle spends over a month investigating, while Jayanti trains the Faithful as the Hidden Temple as tiger warriors.
Seven Crimson Winds informants tell her that the secret police oversee a carriage that travels to and from The Hospital, once a month during the full moon.
While they discussed this information, Sorcerer-Prince Astyon arrived and told Kallikrates that he was fated to destroy the 2nd circle demon that his father has unleashed. Eventually Kallikrates agreed to leave for Ysyr within 6 days.
While the circle discussed what to do (and Kallikrates brooded), Kly of the Iron Tresses returned, giving the circle the option of leaving her to oversee things in Y’danna temporarily.

Investigating Y'danna
Season 1, Episodes 5-7

Now in Y’danna the circle spent several weeks investigating the city.

Trade Negotiations
Season 1, episode 4

The Circle travelled on Seven Crimson Winds trireme Arrogance back to Champoor. While she was taking on cargo they noticed her taking on a large sealed box courtesy of The Serpent Society, in exchange for a considerable sum.

Unfortunately the box contained a siren assassin, who had been sent to kill Triumphant Architect of Auspicious Glory. After he talked her out of it and gave her his room on the ship, the Circle confronted Seven Crimson Winds. The Circle decided to pretend that Triumphant Architect of Auspicious Glory had been killed in order to collect the rest of the money. After a brief stop in Prasad, they continued on to Y’danna.

On reaching Y’danna, Triumphant Architect of Auspicious Glory bound the sirine as his familiar. Revealing his Exalted nature toSeven Crimson Winds.

You Look Trustworthy
Season 1, episode 3

The Lunar Shadow Hunter assisted the Circle in getting out of the jungle with the prisoners they had freed from the Fair Folk with a few summoned water elementals.
After returning to Semnah, they decided to choose a new direction, instead of travelling to Haven they chose to go to Y’danna. Travelling a few days to a port town, they hired passage with Seven Crimson Winds a trustworthy(ish) merchant captain.

Interlude - Madame Cynis

A vast caravan marches East across the desert, dozens of lumbering yeddim and overladen wagons, marching alongside is a vast military force. The legion advances with a steady rhythm, clad in polished steel plate and bearing scarlet banners bearing the mon of Great House Cynis.

Within a large, opulently decorated wagon an autumn haired woman reclines in a lavish gown. Visible only to her, a sparkling six-winged cherub flies in and speaks in a voice only she can hear,
“Madame Cynis, the anathema has been removed and construction continues on schedule. All preparations for your triumphant arrival are going as planed. Your loyal niece Megana”
The woman laughs and gestures for her slaves to bring more wine.

Love, Honour and Justice
Season 1, Episode 2

The Triumphant Architect of Auspicious Glory is reunited with hissister, when she suddenly appears and slays the Seven Sorrows Swordman. She then proceeds to destroy the other fair folk within The Thorned Manse.
The circle and Kly are unable to come to a decision on what to do about the newly freed prisoners in the ruined manse, as moving them through the jungle in their current state would be too dangerous and they were concerned about a possible attack by dragon-blooded on their return to civilisation. Kly left to see if another lunar exalt would be able to help.

Two days later, before Kly’s return a small force of dragon-blooded launched a precision assassination on Sky’s Reflection Upon the Lake. Her mother and sisters powerful evocations quickly slew her, they retrieved her body and escaped through sorcery before the circle could recover or launch any sort of counter attack.

Love and Terror in the Jungle
Season 1, Episode 1

The circle sets off from Nevah in search is Triumphant Architect of Auspicious Glory’s missing sister.
They travel North through the towns of Aneth, meeting its local champion, the automaton known as the Brazen Legionary. From there they travelled to Semnah, meeting it’s champion the Thrice Cursed Demon Princess and hiring a pair of guides (Unta and Marno) before marching into the jungle for a month.

Near the location of the ruined manse they found signs of a battle and continued on to the ruins of the Thorned Manse. There they found that the manse was inhabited by dozens of hobgoblins and a pair of raksha, the catraphract Seven Sorrows Swordsman and the lorelei Beauteous Princess of Ruin as well as their many, many mortal slaves. Among the slaves was the scavenger lord Unknowable Falchion, who had been luring expeditions to their doom.

The circle narrowly escaped the lorelei’s clutches, but discovered that Kly had exalted in a white light while fighting the Seven Sorrows Swordsman.

Eye of the Storm
Pilot Episode (part 2)

The circle continued into the Tomb of The Storm Breaker, slowly losing strength to the tombs deadly traps.
The final guardian of the tomb was a Blood Ape, a fearsome demon of the first circle and a pair of shogunate tomb-golems. During the ferocious battle Sky’s Reflection Upon the Lake had her left arm torn off by the demon, nearly killing her.
After finally defeating the demon and golems, they carried the egg of the behemoth (and Sky’s unconscious body) and lauched it back towards its mother with a catapult. Thankfully causing the behemoth to leave the half flooded city.

After the circle had some time to recover Queen Ammetu politely suggested that the circle leave the city, as they have drawn the attention of the Wyld Hunt. Having decided they probably had at least a week, the Circle decided to rest up and resupply before heading into the Northern jungle in pursuit of Triumphant Architect of Auspicious Glory’s missing sister and then eventually onto Haven.


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