Legends of Creation

Love and Terror in the Jungle
Season 1, Episode 1

The circle sets off from Nevah in search is Triumphant Architect of Auspicious Glory’s missing sister.
They travel North through the towns of Aneth, meeting its local champion, the automaton known as the Brazen Legionary. From there they travelled to Semnah, meeting it’s champion the Thrice Cursed Demon Princess and hiring a pair of guides (Unta and Marno) before marching into the jungle for a month.

Near the location of the ruined manse they found signs of a battle and continued on to the ruins of the Thorned Manse. There they found that the manse was inhabited by dozens of hobgoblins and a pair of raksha, the catraphract Seven Sorrows Swordsman and the lorelei Beauteous Princess of Ruin as well as their many, many mortal slaves. Among the slaves was the scavenger lord Unknowable Falchion, who had been luring expeditions to their doom.

The circle narrowly escaped the lorelei’s clutches, but discovered that Kly had exalted in a white light while fighting the Seven Sorrows Swordsman.

Eye of the Storm
Pilot Episode (part 2)

The circle continued into the Tomb of The Storm Breaker, slowly losing strength to the tombs deadly traps.
The final guardian of the tomb was a Blood Ape, a fearsome demon of the first circle and a pair of shogunate tomb-golems. During the ferocious battle Sky’s Reflection Upon the Lake had her left arm torn off by the demon, nearly killing her.
After finally defeating the demon and golems, they carried the egg of the behemoth (and Sky’s unconscious body) and lauched it back towards its mother with a catapult. Thankfully causing the behemoth to leave the half flooded city.

After the circle had some time to recover Queen Ammetu politely suggested that the circle leave the city, as they have drawn the attention of the Wyld Hunt. Having decided they probably had at least a week, the Circle decided to rest up and resupply before heading into the Northern jungle in pursuit of Triumphant Architect of Auspicious Glory’s missing sister and then eventually onto Haven.

Storm Warning
Pilot Episode

In the Gilded Nightingale, a teahouse near the docks of Champoor, five strangers were relaxing after Calibration. Then a panicked fisherman burst in, ranting about a massive behemoth wrapped in a storm, which was on its way to Neveh.
Jayanti quickly gathered her troops and went to find a galley in order to warn the people of Neveh. Triumphant Architect of Auspicious Glory quickly convinced Kataiyida Ariel Euphalia, Sky’s Reflection Upon the Lake and Kallikrates to accompany him on the same quest.

During the four day journey to Neveh Triumphant Architect of Auspicious Glory was attacked by an assassin-priest, hired by a person or persons unknown.

On reaching Neveh, Queen Ammetu quickly recruited the heroes in defence of her city. Triumphant Architect of Auspicious Glory quickly set to work constructing a massive breakwater to shield the harbour, a massive ballista to pierce behemoth hide and reinforcing the low lying parts of the city against floods. While doing so, his blatant superhuman powers revealed him as one of the Solar Exalted.
Meanwhile Jayanti worked to improve the city’s defences, Kallikrates “convinced” various crimebosses to help out, Kataiyida Ariel Euphalia shamed the rich and powerful into contributing more and Sky’s Reflection Upon the Lake helped to convince stubborn villagers to relocate.

Four days later the behemoth-storm reached the city. Although the flood defences reduced the damage from the weather, rain-sharks swam through the rain to attack the defenders. While fighting off the sharks they were informed that the behemoth was probably heading towards the Tomb of the Storm Breaker, where the body of a Shogunate hero lies.
Fighting off the behemoths swarming spawn they reached the tomb, with less than an hour before the behemoth itself would reach the city. Unfortunately, soon after breaching the tomb Triumphant Architect of Auspicious Glory fell victim to a series of traps and was badly injured.

To Be Continued…

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