Legends of Creation

Calibration Preparations
S2 E10

After a month’s journey the party returned to Arqad with a week to go before Calibration.

Excavating The Travelling Palace
S2 E9

The party hit Prince Thassios hard and fast, with Fierce Orchid, Dhany Aag Kathakalli and Melati of the Rising Dawn charging to the front on Stormwind Rider. Kanchana Mahavir, Kyros and Prince Fawziya brought up the rear.

Before they could strike at Prince Thassios the party had to deal with both his pack of Blood Apes as well as his Tomescu guard, which was holding Kyros’s bow. Before the rear guard could even begin to get stuck into the fight the front lines had taken heavy damage. The Blood Apes hit the three of them hard. The Tomescu’s attack quickly followed suit and it was only due to Fierce Orchid’s quick interception of it’s blow that meant Dhany Aag Kathakalli was still standing. .

As the party pressed the attack and were in turn pressed Kyros in a whirl of desperation called forth his power and cast Flight of Brilliant Raptor hitting friend and foe alike. The fire prevented Prince Thassios from getting his spell off. Fighting on through the flames Fierce Orchid finished off the Tomescu,

[To finish think Mahavir finished the prince off?]

Upon looting the corpse they found:

Having now delt with the Sorceror Prince the party set up camp. Fierce Orchid spent time summoning Blood Apes to both dig up parts of the Travelling Palace as well as for protection. Galen spent time exploring their surroundings so that he could warn the party of any pending Fair Folk attack, as the Palace had crashed in the Border Marches. (For in the time that the party spent there, 10 days, the Fair Folk had begun to amass an army to attack.)

The digging Blood Apes had finally found the corpses of those who had been killed when the palace had crashed. Hungry Ghosts bust out wiping out those Blood Apes. The party readied themselves for a fight and attacked. The party dispatched of the ghosts without much effort with Dhany Aag Kathakalli finishing off the Hungry Ghost of Yoroon Shalal. Kyros’ former self.

On Yoroon Shalal’s corpse they found:

Once Galen had returned the party left, for they had everything they needed for now.

Into The Desert
S2 E8

While Kyros stayed behind to interpret the stolen notes, while everyone else headed off to Blood Cove.

Stopping nearby the cove, Kanchana Mahavir snuck in to get a feel for the land. Noting that barely anyone was out and about, only a few people manning the ballista and catapults. After a bit of poking around he realised the majority of the village was sick. Reporting back to the others, everyone agreed that it sounded odd and so approached the village on foot. After a bit of suspicious questioning they were let into see the Elder. While Melati of the Rising Dawn talked to him, Fierce Orchid noted the presence of a disease spirit (Consumption). Once it became clear that the God of Consumption had infected everyone and was blackmailing them for offerings Fierce Orchid couldn’t hold her tongue and addressed the spirit directly. After a failed intimidation, Fierce Orchid summoned her sword and Dhany forced the spirit to materialise by the force of her will, at which point the god backed down as it realised (having infected Melati of the Rising Dawn and Fierce Orchid) what they party was and how much trouble it was in.

As the party were pressed for time they made an initial deal for the spirit to make the consumption less virulent and dangerous, the part would come back and cure everyone and the spirit could go to a more populated region.

The party then headed back to Arqad where they found Kyros in a very sorry state, injured and missing his Power Bow.

Once the others had left, Kyros spent his first day alone in the library using the notes obtained by Mahavir to try and find the location of the travelling palace. After successfully determining the location he headed back to Athanya’s villa where the party were staying.

Once he returned he was accosted by A tall bronze man, dressed in expensive robes and jewellery, the visible patches of bronze skin covered in black tattoos introduced himself as Sorcerer-prince Thassios. He was flanked by two Blood Apes, off to one side was a Tomescu holding a knife to a gagged and badly injured Athanya.

Thassios demanded Kyros’s power bow over otherwise Athanya would be killed, Kyros and seeing no way to save her otherwise he did so. Thassios then demanded the notes which Kryos has been working on, he gave these up too. Kyros asked how Thassios knew that he has the notes and Thassios boasted that one of his demons had noticed Mahavir coming out of the manse with them

After looking at the notes, Thassios magicked a hole in the wall and then flew off on a waiting Agata. Commanding the Blood Apes kill Kyros and to destroy the building. The Tomescu slit Athanya’s throat before following its master. Before Kyros knew what was happening the Blood Apes attacked, knowing that he would not survive he activated his anima power and disappeared. Reappearing a few days later he went and hid out in the stables where the party hid their Agata, waiting for the others to return.

The party headed out towards the crashed flying palace. A months journey through the desert was a daunting task, luckily Galen mysteriously appeared in their hour of need to offer himself as a guide through the desert.

As they got to within a few days of their final destination they spotted a cirrius skiff flying towards them, inside was a dying Prince Fawziya. The party pulled over to help her, to discover that she had been stabbed and that she’d been hit with Assassin’s Fatal Touch. After removing the spell and healing her, something that took several days, she was able to fill the party in on what had happened. She had found the The Travelling Palace, crashed in the desert, and then she’d been attacked by Prince Thassios.

Together they all hatched a plan to take him out as quickly as possible, and to hopefully get Kyros’s power bow back.

The City of Statues
S2 Ep 7

The party then headed off to Arqad with the aim to find out the following;

  • Speak to Kesipho, an expert on the Phoenix Snake
  • To visit Blood Cove
  • To speak to the Dreaming Warrior in the hopes that she would a) potentially know something about Planquin’s city god and b) help Kyros find Lycaea
  • Track down the travelling palace

On discovering that a Sorceror Prince was after the travelling palace Kyros got side tracked, and became consumed with the desire to get to the palace first.

Mahavir therefore broke into her home in order to try and steal her research notes on the palace. After sneaking in past the human guards he accidentally awoke an earth elemental guard. Luckily Mahavir dealt with it just before the human guards entered the room.

He returned back to the party bearing coded notes, hoping that these would be the ones the party would need to find the location of the travelling palace.

Meeting Anathema
Season 2 Ep 6

Once Fierce Orchid had summoned more Agata, the Circle returned to Planquin.

The party spent some time researching their individual pursuits.

  • Dhany spent time with her sorcerer friend
  • Fierce Orchid spoke to various Gods around the City to try and learn more about the City God Zomea, discovering that none of them were really old enough to help.
  • Mahavir worked on ingratiating himself with Onyx Hawks
  • Kyros spent time learning about the Pheonix Serpent, discovering that he needed to speak with the Philosopher Kespho in Arqad
  • Melati learnt that there is a proposed Guild expedition to Haven (where the Circle had learnt there might be one of the 3 keys to open the heavenly portal in Planquin)

Having heard a ship from Planquin had docked the party went down to investigate, where they discovered some commotion.

Unfettered Eternal Brilliance, Bloody Handed Justice and Serenity in Steel were here from Nevah on a mission to collect convicted murderes. However Bloody Handed Justice insisted that one of the men was innocent of the crime of which he had been convicted. However the offical present protested that nothing could be done as justice had run its course.

After much discussion the party asked Dhany’s friend a Sorcerer Prince to order the guy free. Dhany and Fierce Orchid went to visit the person actually responsible for the murder. He was a fairly prosperous shop owner, with a white cat wondering around his shop. Dhany told him to not leave town and that he would pay for what he had done.

The next day the man was found mysteriously clawed to death in the street……

The party was also met with a surprise visitor, Lycaea, Kyros’s lunar mate. She was highly unimpressed with what she found (male, missing an eye, glass arm, kept dying) and said that he should visit her and to bring a gift.

Fairy Tale
Season 2 Ep 5

Once the fight against the Wyld tainted river dragon was completed, a mysterious stranger, known only as The Trickster, appeared and provided a lot of much needed lore to the Circle.

The Circle were in the middle of a shaping battle between two emanations of an unshaped. Princess Dreamcomet and Duchess Whitehair. Princess Dreamcomet believed that they should lure people in from outside, to learn about what was happening outside. Duchess Whitehair wanted to protect the unshaped by sending monster out to keep people away. Duke Grayflame, who had ruled previous, and believed in bolstering the defences had sided with Duchess Whitehair, and Captain Emberlance was undecided.

The women of the circle grudgingly agreed to help Princess Dreamcomet, who they had been on their way to see, despite the fact that they felt that both ideas were utterly terrible. The menfolk were terribly eager to help.

After Melati and Dhany talked some sense into Kyros and Mahavir. Fierce Orchid marched the circle determinedly towards the castle.

Once in the castle the Duchess and the Duke tried to convince the circle to go and get the Princess, however they lacked her charm. Noticing that Captain Emberlance was present, and wishing the whole thing was over Dhany talked him into turning on the Duchess and the Duke.

Armies appeared around the circle as the Captain and the Duke took each other on. While the Duchess summoned a manticore to attack the party. The manticore came dangerous close to killing Mahavir before Fierce Orchid and Dhany tore it apart.

After that the party won with ease.

As the fight ended the circle were brought face to face with the ruling emanation, which looked exactly like Dhany’s shadow, but white. It had known Dhany
in a previous life, and was the reason she had been getting strange flashbacks.

To the surprise of the circle it asked Dhany if she was here to claim her final boon. With some pursuasion from Melati (by agreeing to trade Fierce Orchid;s demons), it agreed to two boons, and warned the circle that the next time they returned it would destroy them.

1. To leave creation alone
2. A new arm for Kyros ( Feyglass Arm)

The circle then found themselves back in creation, where they were congratulated by The Trickster, on a job well done. Leaving the party to muse over three things.

1) How would they ever get this unshaped back to the Wyld?
2) What had Dhany done in a past life to gain 3 boons off a Prince of Chaos?
2) Who was The Trickster, was he a Raksha? Or was he something else?

The Trials of Canticle and Lost Lore
Season 2, episodes 3 and 4

After summoning a trio of Agata the circle set off into the savanna on the way to Canticle. At Canticle they were confronted by its shaman protector and her mysterious ally, who challenged them to complete three trials to gain entry to the ruin.

For their first trial they had to pluck hairs from a large lion, which turned out to be the Lion Avatar. The god took a liking to Kanchana Mahavir and granted him some of its hairs and its blessing making him as Friend to all Lions. In exchange he owes the lion god a favour in the future.
For the next trail they needed to acquire the crystal apples of a tree growing in the heart of a fire desmense. The tree has guarded as a mighty wyld beast, which they slew.
The final trial required them to fight chosen champions at Canticle. Although three one their fights only Kanchana Mahavir actually entered the ruin. Kyros was instead told the secret of how to open the portal to heaven in Planquin, while Fierce Orchid learnt more about being a Solar.

Then they decided to travel to Old Town and found themselves trapped in the middle of a dispute between the local raksha. While travelling to meet with one of the raksha leaders, they were attacked by a wyld mutated river dragon which tore off Kyros’ left arm and blinded his left eye.

Exploring the City
Season 2, episode 2

The circle remained in Planquin, most of them moving into Melati’s Mansion in the upper city, where they began to make contact with many of the people there.
Dhany Aag Kathakalli and Melati of the Rising Dawn got intoduced to Leda, after giving Tharato the appropriate bribe.
Fierce Orchid studied the gods in the city, travelling to the High Temple and investigating the City Father Zomea, who seems to suffer from some form of mental damage.
Kallikrates made contact with the Onyx Hawks.
Kyros studied the artifact they found in the Winter Tomb, Burning Soul Exultant as well as investigating further possible ruins to explore.

They were also paid an unpleasant and threatening visit by Prince Laeras, who seemed to nosing around after the loot they had acquired on their recent expedition.

A New Beginning
Season 2, episode 1

A new Solar Circle gathers in the city of Planquin, Dhany Aag Kathakalli, Fierce Orchid, Kyros, Kanchana Mahavir, Melati of the Rising Dawn. Their current base of operations is Thuces Hole a run down bar.

They travelled to the Winter Tomb and found the secret tomb of a long-dead Solar hidden deep beneath it. Circumventing its many traps they escaped with a pair of orichalcum hearthstone bracers and the goremaul Burning Soul Exultant.

On the way to the tomb a river dragon attacked and ate several of the hired help before swimming off.

At the tomb Fierce Orchid spoke to some strange spirits known as Frostbite. Melati of the Rising Dawn then negotiated a deal with them and the people of the village to enchant blocks of ice to last longer outside of the radius of the tomb in return the villagers will pray more to the spirits and Melati of the Rising Dawn will provide goat sacrifices once a month.

Its a Raid!
Season 1, episode 12

While the circle investigated the Tower Families the Secret Police launched a series of raids on the smugglers operating in the city, this was followed up by a raid on Seven Crimson Winds’ properties and businesses.
Several of Seven’s people were taken by the secret police and the circle was forced to flee their house for a hidden safehouse Tri prepared.
In addition during this time Kataiyida Ariel Euphalia attempted to recruit more people into the Faithful of the Hidden Temple and Jayanti tried to ingratiate herself with the Brothers of the Sword in an attempt to infiltrate them later.


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