Thegum the Eternal

Immortal, bodyless sorcerer-prince


Thegum is invulnerable and immortal, but unable to interact with the physical realm unless he possesses a ritually prepared host, or invades someone’s dreams.


Thegum was a contemporary of Yoroon-Shalal, Sorcerer-King of Ys and previous incarnation of Kyros. It seems he had managed to render himself totally immortal.
So when he was charged with infernalism and treason, Yorron-Shalal performed a mighty Solar circle working to strip him of his body and disperse his consciousness over Creation. He was then stricken from the records of Ys.

Hundreds of years later, he has somehow managed to return and is hunting the Mystic Gauntlet of Yoroon Shalal and Cloak of the Setting Sun.

He has also somehow acquired the loyalty of at least two sorcerer-princes, Prince Haal and Prince Thassios, in addition to a small army of demons and the enhanced thrall Aetaia.

Thegum the Eternal

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