She Who Surmounted the Omphalos

Demon of the Second Circle

Essence: 6 Willpower: 6 Join Battle: 8 dice Personal Motes: 110
Health Levels: -0/-0/-1/-1/-1/-1/-2/-2/-2/-2/-2/-2/-4/Incap
Actions: Dancing 15 dice; Senses 8 dice; Demon Lore 9 dice; Stealth 8 dice; Social Influence 10 dice; Read Intentions 6 dice; Resistance 6 dice.
Appearance: 5 Resolve: 4 Guile: 4

Attack (Unarmed Strike): 12 dice (Damage 8L, Natural)
Combat Movement: 10 dice
Evasion: 6 Parry: 4
Soak/Hardness: 12/6 (Shadow Body)

Rejection of the Earth:
Stanewald rejects the touch of the earth, as it rejects her. She floats a few inches above the ground, her feet never touching.

Mockery of Fire:
The merest sound of Stanewald’s voice permanently renders all firedust within medium range inert.

Shadow Body:
Stanewald only exists in areas of partial shadow, when exposed to bright light she flickers out, appearing in the nearest shadow. Exposure to bright light includes being caught in the proximity of a solar anima display.

The 13 Effiacious Dances;
Stanewald can perform the 13 efficacious dances, each of these is an elaborate dance, the shortest of which take over an hour to perform. They are potent magical rituals with immense power over the earth.

Stanewald can cast her cloak off to form the hollow horse Wulfthyrth. Wulfthyrth has the stats of a normal warhorse, but never tires and suffers no wound penalties. If destroyed, she can reform it at nightfall.

Combat Charms:
Stone Breaking Fist (5m; Supplemental; Instant; Decisive-Only; Essence 6):
Stanewald unleashes a powerful unarmed strike that generates devastating vibrations with the target. This supplements a Decisive attack, allowing it it ignore harness and add extra successes to the raw damage.
If used on a creature of earth or stone the damage gains 3 automatic successes.

Shatter (10m, 1wp; Simple; Instant; Dual; Essence 6):
With a single gesture Stanewald causes a section of stone to explode in a spray of razor sharp shards. This causes a stone object or area within up to Long range to explode, as a 12 dice attack on all targets within a Close distance. If Withering it has base damage of 20, but she only gains initiative from the most damaged target, + 1 for each additional target. If performed as a Decisive attack her Initiative is divided evenly amongst the targets and then increased by 3.
Once per scene, reset after performing a decisive attack and raising her initiative back to 20+.

Shattered Stone Laughter (Permanent; Essence 5):
No creature or weapon made of stone can harm her, such attacks simply pass through her body.

Nine-Fold Dancing Hosts (1m, 1+i; Reflexive; Essence 5):
As a foe strike, Stanewald’s form blurs and splits into a host of identical illusionary dancers. She raises her Evasion by one for each point of Initiative she spends on this charm (max 5).

Dancing Shadow Dodge (8m; Reflexive; Perilous; Essence 6):
After being struck by a Decisive attack Stanewald simply dissolves into shadow, reforming at up to a Medium distance away. This negates all but a single health level of damage from the attack, but resets her to base initiative.

Dance Charms:
Let the Dance Begin (10m, 1wp; Simple; One Scene; Essence 6):
Stanewald draws those that would oppose her into her dance, for the rest of the scene all combatants use Performance in place of any ability they would normally use. This does not affect which Charms are possible, but it does change their die pools for Excellencies. This allows her to use her Dance ability pool to replace the accuracy of any of her attacks.
Characters may spend 1 Initiative to use their normal Ability pool, as they fight the rhythm of the dance. Stanewald gains any Initiative spend in this manner.
While active Stanewald rests to base Initiative +1.

Hellish Performer (3m; Suplemental; Instant; Essence 6):
Stanewald is one of the three greatest dancers in Hell, she gains double 9s on a performance roll and rerolls all 1s until they fail to appear.

Miscellaneous Charms:
Hurry Home (10m, 1wp; Simple; Instant; Essence 1):
The demon fades away and vanishes on its next turn, drawn instantly to its summoner’s side. This Charm is unavailable when the demon is unbound.

Materialise (55m, 1wp; Simple; Instant; Essence 1):
Stanewald suddenly steps out from the shadows.

Measure the Wind (5m; Simple; Instant; Essence 1):
Stanewald knows the true nature of anyone she sees dance.


Stanewald dances like wind-spun smoke, a shrill drone rising from the earth in her wake. Dark blood oozes from cracks and hollows in her presence, and corrosion spreads where her fingers brush silver or brass. When she speaks, she renders firedust impotent. She leaves no footprints, for her feet hover inches above the ground. She wears a horsehide cloak over her raiment of white silk. When she wishes foes to hear her approach, she casts it down, and it untwists into the empty shell of a horse. This is Wulfthryth, a creature neither wholly a part of her or wholly discrete. Its hollow legs bear her across land and sea, the beats of its iron-shod hooves ringing as clear and even as a drum.

She is currently the owner of the Twelve Devil Amulet, taken from Prince Dhullaa.


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