Prince Pherenike

Sorcerer-Prince of Ys


Ally of Dhany Aag Kathakalli

As a sorcerer-prince of Ys Pherenike has significant political clout. She is also wealthy with an estate in Planquin in addition to her holding in on Ysyr and numerous Thralls and golems at her bidding.

Known Traits:

Essence: 1 Willpower: 6 Join Battle: 5 dice
Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/incap
Actions: Shape Sorcery 9 dice; Senses 6 dice; Persuade 7 dice; Seduce 9 dice; Political Maneuvering 8 dice; Occult Knowledge 9 dice; History 8 dice.
Appearance: 4 Resolve: 3 Guile: 4

Attack (Knife): 6 dice (Damage 9L)
Combat Movement: 6 dice
Evasion: 3 Parry: 1
Soak/Hardness: 8/4

Silver Skin and Blood:
Through a sorcerous working Pherenike has altered her skin into a metallic silvery substance, raising her Soak by 6 and gaining Hardness 4. In addition her metallic blood renders her immune to most mundane poisons and diseases.

Pherenike is a Emerald Circle Sorcerer. Her control spell is Impenetrable Frost Barrier. She also knows Cirrus Skiff, Summon Elemental, Paralysing Contradiction and Infallible Messenger.

Know Intimacies:
Defining Principle: Sorcery should be used to bring concrete benefits to people.
Major Principle: I am in a position of privilege and I intend to enjoy it.
Major Principle: My studies in creating air golems will revolutionise the Dreaming Sea.
Dhany Aag Kathakalli : Major (friendship)
The Pure Way : Major (I can’t believe people actually follow this drivel)
Sorcery: Minor (sets us apart from our lessers)


Prince Pherenike

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