Pharaoh Teos

Pharoah of the Madean Empire


As head of the Crocodile Priests he possesses several magical powers over the sun and water, his control of the Madean Empire is checked by the Bleak Council.

A highly skilled horse-archer, he was responsible for much of Kataiyida Ariel Euphalia training.

He was a highly decorated soldier, noted for his intelligence, cunning and ruthless pragmatism.


Pharoah Teos is the uncle of Kataiyida Ariel Euphalia, being the younger brother of her father. Before his ascension to Pharoah he was called Neferu Seneshuya Euphalia.

He was born into the wealthy and noble Euphalia family of Seba and received an extensive education of history and philosophy as a child.
In his youth he spent several years living with the Targai nomads, where he became an accomplished warrior. His first wife was also Targai, but she died of illness only two years after their marriage.
After his wife’s death he took a commission in the Madean military and rapidly rose through the ranks, being promoted to general at the age of 24 after launching a daring pre-emptive strike against a Ys invasion force. Two years later was elected to the position of Pharaoh.

Pharaoh Teos

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