Elder Lunar


Lycaea is a 1500 year old No Moon caste sorceress and posseses a bond with Kyros’ Solar exaltation.


In her human form Lycacea is a tall, pale woman with long black hair, legends of a sorceress, spirit or witch of the same appearance are told all over the Dreaming Sea.

In Prasad they tell stories of the Witch of the Crossroads who strikes dark bargains with desperate people leading to ruin and corruption. In many stories she lures priests and monks into breaking their vows or steals away people’s children.
The Ys speak of their culture hero, Polyxhen The Mother of Sorcery the immortal demigod who first lead their people to Ysyr in the wake of the Great Contagion. She taught the first sorcerer-princes sorcery and returns every few generations to keep their society of the right path.
To the Madeans she is Nu, goddess of the watery abyss, she appears sometimes to grant secret knowledge to scholars and artisans but sometimes sinks ships in her wrath. They cast slaves and children in the sea to appease her.
In Arqad she is Eidothea a prophetic sea goddess associated with many of the magical wards and talismans used to protect from the fair folk. She is linked to the Dreaming Warrior, being described alternately as her sister or mother.
The Brota of Skein worship her as Nu much like the Madeans. But they claim that she is responsible for the ancient magic that makes Skein a perfect maze, children born during Calibration are offered to her on their third birthday.
The Yennin of Volivat have a legendary heroine called Asherah a prophetess who led the tribes to Volivat and taught them how to comprehend what they found there. In their legends she is destined to return one day in their darkest hour.


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