Legends of Creation

The City of Statues

S2 Ep 7

The party then headed off to Arqad with the aim to find out the following;

  • Speak to Kesipho, an expert on the Phoenix Snake
  • To visit Blood Cove
  • To speak to the Dreaming Warrior in the hopes that she would a) potentially know something about Planquin’s city god and b) help Kyros find Lycaea
  • Track down the travelling palace

On discovering that a Sorceror Prince was after the travelling palace Kyros got side tracked, and became consumed with the desire to get to the palace first.

Mahavir therefore broke into her home in order to try and steal her research notes on the palace. After sneaking in past the human guards he accidentally awoke an earth elemental guard. Luckily Mahavir dealt with it just before the human guards entered the room.

He returned back to the party bearing coded notes, hoping that these would be the ones the party would need to find the location of the travelling palace.



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