Legends of Creation

Pilgrims of the Great Khenu River

S3 E2

17 RW The Forbidden Monument

The circle decide to see if it’s possible that Thucala might be able to help. Kyros writes a letter, and Fierce Orchid and Dhany fly to White Gold Temple. Only to find that she had died of dehydration due to whatever magic surrounded the place a week ago, they come back.

Meanwhile Mahavir & Kyros explore options for getting into the tomb, the find that after prolonged exposure to the essence lighting rope burns.

Once Fierce Orchid & Dhany come back, Kyros opens the seal, all that can be seen is a black hole. Kyros casts Flight of the Brilliant Raptor and once the flames had died down, Fierce Orchid sends her familiar to have a look. The hole opens up to a small room, below the hole is the sign for the sigil of endings, with further occult symbols carved on the sides. A small Crawlspace leads off to one side.

21RW/23RW – Great Khenu River
The circle stormwind rider towards Atwak and the Manse for the Question. The area is mostly farms and everywhere is mildly fortified in case of raiders.

25RW – 8DW – Trading Post
The circle buy supplies for climbing, then waits for a passing pilgrim barge to go to the mountains. It takes days, to the annoyance of most of the party. Once a barge arrives, Melati bargains for a place on the barge, but ends up getting fleeced and handing over two of her prized swords, including the greatsword.

The barge proves worse then the town and the mountains get closer at an infitesimal rate. The party debarks days later at another trading post in frustration. After a quick top up, they trek into the desert far enough to embark in a Stormwind Rider instead.

8DW – 22DW Base of Shines Down On High’s mountain
Stormwind Rider proves useless in mountains, so it’s a long trek through them to the mountain home of Shines Down on High.

The circle arrive at the the mountain, after asking around they hear that it is apparently difficult to get to the temple – there are usually sandstorms, snowstorms and such. Kyros realises the The Answer is not linked to the temple.

The circle head on up the path, deciding to pay respect to Shines Down On High, before seeing if they can get to the manse for The Question. They find the climb surprisingly easy, there are convenient rest stops and there was no need for the climbing equipment.

After 3 days they arrive at an enormous golden manse, a step pyramid in design. A few large reptilian creatures (8ft tall) bearing orichalcum clubs stand on guard and wave the circle in. The inside is brightly lit, lots of windows & mirrors to make it super bright.

The circle arrive in a big room, there are more lizard people, an assortment of gods, half a dozen earth elementals (rocky), fire ducks and at far end on a stone throne (far too large for him) is a who they assume to be Shines Down On High, he looks tall, dark skinned, human but with the head of crocodile, wearing a Pharaoh’s headdress and holding a sun headed mace made out of orichalcum.

He welcomes the circles and says they are about 1000 and a half years late. After a brief exchange he asks if they mind if he changes in a more comfortable form as he’s still not used I this one after 500 years. He changes into an 8ft gold scaled and heavily muscled saurian creature, mirror like scales cover his back and his clothing. His name is Quequauatzin.

The circle learn the following:

* That we should visit the Black Pharaoh, as they get antsy when random exalts wonder through.
* 400 years ago – the fledgling Madean civilisation (nomads and bandits) got attacked by fair folk, driving them back when one of the fair folk slew the pharaoh, the army started to crumble, when the crocodile priests attempted to bring the pharaoh back to life. It sort of worked, the Black Pharaoh is an immortal protector of the country.
* That only the person wielding The Question should enter the manse initially.
* He finds the Madean empire funny. The crocodile priests found ancient anklokian ruins, couldn’t speak dragon king and so based their religion off the pictures.
* He is a bit troubled by this, as the Crocodile Priests are getting his stuff wrong, but they are a civilisation in the desert that worships the sun. There was a race of saurian creatures called the dragon kings who served the sun, in the wake of the usurpation, the dragon kings suffered terribly in the 1st war when they fought alongside original exalted and their numbers have greatly reduced with empire shattered, then in wake of usurpation when solars didn’t return they were persuaded and harried by DB’s and then almost finished off by great contagion & fair folk invasion. Their ancestors roam the forests as beasts. A young dragon king is a feral beast, they worship the unconquered sun as a being that gave them intellect, its possible to use a spirit charm to restore the intellect to them. Melati will learn the spirit charm.

* The Usurpation – the ancient solars went mad/power hungry so the Unconquered Sun turned his back on them. The mandate of heaven then passed to whoever could take it, the Dragon Blooded rose up and slaughtered the solars – and for some reason they didn’t come back, until now. But the Unconquered Sun has now turned his face back to creation, and has promised to never abandon them again. Also PS – this is why the lunars are so angry – the Dragon Blooded queue jumped the Lunars to take power.

* The Forbidden monument – That is where they buried Captain Amadar, who was a counter-terrorism specialist for the empire’s on the dreaming sea, had an elite unit, dealt with uprisings, fair folk invasions. Inherited Venihir, from his previous incarnation, who inherited it from his, etc etc.
* Phoenix Snake – There was a dragon king settlement called Itlan, that was where phoenix serpent used to dwell, they used alchemical substances to keep it docile. It is intelligent and speaks old realm, but gets agitated pretty easily. Its feathers made wonderful cloaks – might be stuff there
* Lycea – She was known as Malaki, helped construct Volovat. Apparently just north of Ydanna theres an area that shipping tends to ignore, as they tend to disappear. Possibly because she is living in a vast underwater city building an army (for something..)
* The bleak council is handling a situation in the underworld which is ‘unpleasant’.
* Dhany asks bout a vision she had of living with dragon kings in the jungle – They were Raptok, the city was Rathess. he goes on to explain about the dragon kings, how there are 4 types, Anklok down south – priestly (rarest), east Raptok – numerous, built cities, north – Pterok, flight and mysticism, west mossock – really big and cunning (illusion magic)

Fierce Orchid flies on Agata to the big white war manse (on top of flat mountain – like its been cut off) see lines of war golems on the inside, within the main chamber is a gigantic slap of orichalcum – 18ft tall, 3ft wide, 6 inches thick inscribed on it is The Answer. Grasping that is a suit of orhichalcum and white jade royal warstrider.




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