Legends of Creation

Mada Bound

S3 E1

20DW – Prince Astyon’s House, Planquin

The circle spent the next few days under house arrest at Prince Astyon’s House, with Aetaia and Anthousa, who was still unconscious from her ordeal.

Aetaia told them all she knew on Thegum. She had been a thrall, but Thegum, possessing the body of one of his cultists had changed her into a Silver Manticore. She helped him only because of the binding, he was a horrible person. She knew he worked with several other Sorcerer Princes including Thassis0s (deceased), Haal (deceased) & Yurkon. She didn’t know much about the workings that he did.

Twleve Perfect Wisdoms popped by to let the circle know that pretty much all the other Sorceror Princes wanted them dead and that while Prince Astyon was protecting them she would need something to work on. So the circle fill Twelve Perfect Wisdoms in on the fact that Haal was working with someone who had been stricken from the records by the Sorceror King.

21 DW & 22 DW

Mahavir, dressing up as a thrall sneaks off to explore Prince Astyon’s house, to find out more about her and what’s going on. He hears conversations from the other thralls about rampaging blood apes, war thralls being taken for interrogation, conversations about the amount of orahalcum that we have, and that another Sorcerer prince has a giant orahalcum sword in Arqad. On the 2nd day he hears that Prince Astyon has cleared her quarters out of people entirely and so he sneaks in to see what he can find out. He overhears part of an important conversation, and leaves quickly before he is discovered. He informs the circle that he will fill them in with the details later, but that their host has contacts with Lycaea and that he believes Prince Astyon does want to help them.

23 DW

The circle finally get to see Prince Astyon. She believes she is in a position to say we were working for her to deal with Prince Haal, as he was a traitor, but strongly suggests that the circle leave town for a while. (Especially due to the light show the circle out on.) She also ‘suggested’ that the circle could do something that would greatly help her. She wants the city of Y’danna smoted by the wrath of the celestial gods, and is unconcerned with anyone standing at the end. Prince Astyon informs the circle that a powerful Exogent is in the area who may have eaten some Solars, but that they should concentrate on annihilate the Devil King and ignore the Exogent. She believes there’s a terrible evil brewing there, that its not exactly time critical, but that the circle should deal with that before coming to back to Planquin.

As the circle make to leave her house, a load of gryphon with riders swoop down on the city. Amidst them a massive flame gryphon lands in the middle of the square, and the barbarian Blood and Sand leaps off, carrying two very full sacks. She drops the sacks and a pair of daiklaves on the ground. ‘These are the heads of your assassins. For the attempts on my life the tributes your tribute has increased.’

Mahavir managed to steal a daiklave from the pile, he later learns that is called Seethe And that is belonged to clan Gonde, a dragon blooded clan he has had dealings with in the past. The sword is a family heirloom that they lost in a fight with pirates some time ago, it is something they would be very pleased to see again.

Fierce Orchid stormwind riders everyone to Arqad.

24 DW – Arqad

The Circle stay at Fawziya’s. Mahavir finally fills them in on what he learnt at Prince Astyon’s. That Lycaea knows Prince Astyon on a first name basis, they are not fond of each other, and that their relationship seems to be as if they were speaking on ‘even’ terms. Mahavir says that Kyros’ ‘ball & chain’ of another life, Lycaea, feels that Prince Astyon was not following the correct strategic path now that ‘our people are back’, the Realm is collapsing and it wouldn’t be wise to keep the circle around as she might get into trouble. Prince Astyon seemed irked at the barbarian raids, whereby Lycaea was ‘sadistically amused’ at what Prince Astyon‘s lack of action when she was dealing with ’Solars, death knights & rampaging Lunars’. Finally hearing glass smashing Mahavir had felt it would be prudent to leave.

Fierce Orchid ask Fawzire about Prince Kawfaz and this orahalcum sword. Fawziresays that he has the sword sitting pride of place in his museum, although shes not quite sure how he got it there. Its called The Question (because it has that written on it) and he just shows it off to visitors. Mahavir, disguised as one of Kawfaz’s thralls, plants evidence on a rival sorcerer-prince while both are in a public square, and then reveals the rival as a thief. In the resultant conflict, he slips off and steals the unguarded blade for Fierce Orchid.

Kyros explains some of what happened and why to Anthousa – to say she is displeased is an understatement.

In order to ensure their safety Fierce Orchid takes Anthousa and Aetaia to Blood Cove. Bringing the rest of the party some time later.

27 DW – Blood Cove

Kyros takes the time to study The Question, A stream of essence linked to the sword is going west. As it is going in the direction the circle were considering going, towards Mada, they decide to follow it.

Enroute the circle pause at White Gold Temple, they spend a day attempting to get inside, to no avail. All they can see is that a person taking 2 steps in is frozen in place and anyone that is pulled out doesn’t remember what happened or even now much time had past. It is clear that other adventurers have simply starved to death. The Temple appears to be an active Fire Manse.

The circle head to Canticle to see if they can get mounts to ride to Mada, knowing that they will not be able to take advantage of travel via sorcery for a while.

Riding Austreach they arrive at Mada 34 days later.

5AW – Mada



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