Legends of Creation

In an office in Heaven


Five people sit around a table in the lushly appointed office.

“So, Jocasta, how are matters in the Dreaming Sea?”, speaks a green-eyed man.

A woman with short hair and yellow eyes responds, “Aside from the full circle of Deathknights building an empire on the edge of Creation?".

A red-eyed woman speaks, “As you know, the Convention of Deathlords is unable to grant additional resources to counter a group of independent Abyssals operating in a region with no direct Deathlord influence.”

Jocasta grimaces and continues, “It seems the encouragement of low-intensity trade is keeping the Sapphire Court raksha docile, although I would personally prefer it if a Convention strike team dealt with the situation. The Obsidian Court is still aggressive, sending warriors to strike from the desert Wyld zones."

“What is the situation on returning Solars? Ys transitioning back into a Solar dominion would be concerning.", asked a woman with blue eyes.

“As you can read in my reports, Sacnite. Approximately a year ago a Solar circle was eaten by a forbidden Exigent. There have been isolated reports of Solars since then, but I believe they are keeping a fairly low profile. As for Ys, I can assure you that there have been no Solar sorcerer-princes since my predecessor dealt with Yoroon Shalal. I have however uncovered evidence of a Makarios cult operating in Ys."



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