Legends of Creation

How Not to Rescue Your Sister

S2 E18

20 DW
(Note this is not a complete blow by blow account.)

Faced with a veritable horde of Blood Apes, hearing more troops incoming and seeing what had been done to Kyros’ sister, Anthousa the circle didn’t hold back. Melati opened with a huge swing from her goremaul, smashing through a large chunk of the Blood Apes battle group.

Mahavir cast has hands wide and they began to seethe with lavender and grey energy. The Blood Apes were cast aback by their splendour, and Mahavir charged through the gap towards the stairs on the left. As he does this he casts knife after knife at the stairway guardian, Aetaia, but she intercepts most of the blades with her own projectiles, and only a few deflected blows reach her.

At this, the Blood Apes retaliated against the others. While the first blows went wide, the second attack had more success, Fierce Orchid barely felt it, but it winded Dhany and Melati.

Kyros, having kept out of the general melee to perch on a statue took aim at Prince Haal and fired, visibly wounding the Prince.

Dhany retaliates against the blood apes, hitting them hard, reducing their numbers even further.

Prince Haal, unable to do anything else attempts to attack Kyros with an eye beam attack. It fails utterly as Kyros calls on his earth elemental body guard for aid, the attack bouncing harmlessly off Rocky.

More enemies pour into the room as Prince Haal’s war thralls finally arrive, striking at Dhany, Fierce Orchid and Melati.

Dhany loses momentum in her attack and Aetaia uses the opportunity to through her knife. Fierce Orchid steps in the way, the knife striking her in the face and temporarily blinding her, she is tough enough to simply shrug off the posion.

Melati turns her attention to the war thralls, Dhany to their captain, leaving Orchid to finish off the blood apes.

Prince Haal turns his attention to Mahavir and misses as Mahavir slides in to the base of the stairs, leaving a furrow of charred stone behind him from the close call.

Mahavir charges up the stairs and rushes Aetaia, his whip cutting in inside her defensive stance. As they spar they exchange some brief words, before
Mahavir strikes out at her with a pearlescent grey glove, misses, and strides on towards Anthousa/Thegum. Aetaia makes only a show of attacking from then on.

Having finished the blood apes Fierce Orchid throws her sword at Prince Haal, killing him, he explodes into a fireball, hitting Anthousa/Thegum, Kyros and Mahavir take no damage from the blast, despite being in range.

After driving Anthousa/Thegum back in to the flames with several quick strikes of his sword, steps in close to deliver a knock out blow with the pommel of his whip. He misjudges, striking Anthousa/Thegum too hard and smashing her to the ground with a shattering crunch of bone.

Anthousa’s eyes flare and burn out.

The thralls begin to scatter and Fierce Orchid makes her way over, the circle stay in Haal’s house for the next hour while she does her best to stabilise Anthousa.

Aetaia explains that Thegumwould have abandoned the body as soon as Anthousa‘died’ and that they need to remove the markings on her skin so that he cannot re-enter. She does not wish to say more about Thegum, until they are all somewhere safe, as he has limited vision through his sorcerous markings.

Twelve Perfect Wisdoms turned up and commented on the mess that the circle had made, attacking a sorcerer prince and that it would be best if they let Prince Astyon take them under house arrest. The circle comply knowing that it was likely the best option.




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