Legends of Creation

Here be Dragons

s3 E4

19AF – Mada

24 AF – Dragon King Tomb

The circle arrive at a massive ruin, a big circular wall surrounds it. Inside are tall towers and ziaggarouts. It is clear that nothing was built by human hands, as there are no right angles. Aztec style carvings cover most surfaces.

The circle enter the ruin via a large hole in the wall, as they move inwards they spot a large Dragon King come out of a ruined building and stalk towards them. Once it is in shouting distance it stops and lets out a cry and Old Realm. (Sermon of Elemental Ruination). All who can understand the shout, the dragon king, Dhany, Fierce Orchid, Kyros, and the elements themselves, become enraged.

Kyros – shoots,

Orchid steps forward and call the question, throwing it at the dragon king

Melati tries to use flames on the creature

Dhany leaps forward and punches the dragon,

Mahavir leaps forward and hits the dragon

Kyros shots with bow, not effectivly

Dhany goes to crash dragon, he usccessds in hittig her instead, stealing initiative

Kyros fires a powerful shot at the dragon, burying the arrow to the fletchings in the dk

Mahavir brings the dragon king down

The blood lust still filling her head, Fierce Orchid turns on Melati, and strikes, winding the Eclipse. Dhany, her head also filled with blood lust comes to help. Melati manages to calm the three enough through her powers of persuasion that the blood list subsides. Frustrated by the fight Fierce Orchid slams The Question into the ground beside Melati, before making it vanish and stalking off to see to the dragon king.

Orchid, Dhany & Mahavir drag the dragon kings body into shelter, Fierce Orchid checks the injuries and notes that they are healing far rapidly than even a Solars would. Even the arrow that embedded itself seemed to have only caused superficial damage.

After an hour or so the dragon king wakes up clearly still burning with anger. Dhany tries to talk to the dragon king, apologising for any transgressions the solar’s have done. But there is not much the circle can do a to calm his anger. He is angry at all the lost dragon king souls, at the loss of their empire, at how they were used by the Solars and the Unconquered Sun.

Teclotoa has intimacies to – Solars & the Unconquired sun (Hate) Defining, The Destruction of his ancient & noble civilization (fury) defining

Dhany uses social to try and reduce his hatred of Solars, explaining that the Circle wish to help the dragon kings. To awaken those that they find and restore the empire. Pointing out that he can either spend his life moping in these ruins or help them. They mention they know of ruins further south in the wyld that they intend to visit.

He asks if it is Shakanzer. The circle don’t know, but it seems possible. Teclotoa says he will accompany them, to make sure they don’t do anything untoward with the DK tech.

(i seem to be missing bits at the end here? I thought I’d written stuff but it vanished? )



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