Legends of Creation

Elsewhere in the Desert


17 Ascending Fire RY 679
The Forbidden Monument
Prasadian soldiers and warrior monks wait patiently on the edge of the ruins, with the horses and jade-reinforced war chariots.
A slender, blue-armoured warrior with long white hair is perched precariously near the top of the monument, buoyed up by a powerful wind. At the base an armoured monk, a dark, muscular woman wearing heavy white-jade gauntlets and another woman holding a green-jade powerbow who is clearly unused to the desert.
The white haired man leaps from the monument, landing lightly just as it unleashes a blast of essence lightning.
“You are such a fucking showoff Bemeshi”, says the big woman, with an exaggerated roll of her eyes. She ignores the sharp glance from the monk.
Bemeshi grins, “A small group were here, probably five. Two entered the tomb, while another stood on top to disable the primary trap for around three hours. Judging from the width of the scuff marks she was a woman.” He pauses before continuing, “This wasn’t there first visit, the cap blocking the shaft into the tomb was a replacement, there are fragments of the original in the first chamber. On top of that, there are no tracks coming or going, but the sand is disturbed as if a whirlwind had come and from here.”
“Stormwind Rider”, says the woman with the bow, “It’s sorcery, my cousin knows the spell”.
The big woman spits, “Ys”.
“No”, the monks voice is deep, “This is the work of the Anathema, the rarest and most vile of all such abominations. The Solar Anathema.”

An Ancient Ruin Deep in the Desert
The olchilike stands upon his ziggurat and surveys the desert and ruin about him as he nurses his rage. Rage at the foolish human ‘explorers’ and fair folk raiders that dare to enter is territory, but most of all rage at the god that betrayed and failed his people.
He lifts his macuahuitl of orichalcum and black adamant to the sky and roars in fury.

A Ruin Surrounded by the Wyld
A clearly prehuman ruin sits in the Wyld, its structure warped and slowly shifting. Except for a solitary ziggurat, still shielded by hastily erected and slowly failing wards. Deep beneath is a room, lit only by the slowly blinking symbols on ancient crystal panels. Around the walls of the room and seven huge crystal cylinders, what ancient secrets do they hide within?



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