Legends of Creation

Boom Town 2 Elelctric Boogaloo

S3 E3

To be tidied up!!

25 DWood – Shines Down From on High’s manse

Kyros and Fierce Orchid spend the time trading spells, Infallible messenger and Stormwind Rider.

Dhany works on Mahavir’s religious beliefs, to make him love the Unconquered Sun, with the intention of making him loose intimacies to the Pure Way.

Melati learns about the Gods bureaucracy, and that they are paid in essence, which comes from prayers.

Mahavir learns about the dragon kings (missed a bit getting food), asks how they felt about the solars disappearing. Finds out when they fought the primordials the DK’s were hit the hardest as many souls were shattered.

Aks them what solars created for – Unconquired sun turned up to the DK’s and said that they were to look after these new beings (humans) who were weak and puny – so taught them how to farm, and kept an eye on them. (apparently the raptok took humans into their city)

DK’s worshps the unconquired sun differently (as they had sacrifice, but they had perfect reincarnation – so the solars and humans would worshp slightly differently)

DK gives Mahavir a ‘thing’ a small light device (DK tech) that will light for 1001 days.

12AF – The Forbidden Monument
Kyros investigates the monument and fnds there a small slab of stone that caps the top of it, he shatters it and finds a copper plate covering the top of top. Gingerly he touches it and gets blasted.

Dhany puts up soak charms and goes to test the plate to see what happens after a few minutes of it going off. She feels a tingling sensation, and the Circle discover that the system is no longer building enough charge to go off every 10 mins.

Fierce Orchid goes to investigate the symbols in the first section of the tomb, and learns that they are mearly there to banish high level spirits.

Orchid & Mahvir enter the tomb properly through a crawl space at the start of the first room. It is a long crawl down, through twisty turny corridors, there is no way they will be able to back track unless they can exit into a larger room and turn around. They finally get to anither room, the walls covered in fancy carvings. There is a door at the other end, Orchid calls her blade and burns through a door. There is another normal sized corridor, and finally they get into a room full of statues, gold orniments, model boat, ornimental weapons, all done to small scale. Mahavir opens a normal sized sarcophigos – a poison mist envelopes him and then the two hear out and they run out the room (he takes dmg)

they head back to a previous room, and Orchid spots a secret door, find another tunnel and that leads to another room with a hole in that’s 5ft wide, mahavir holds rope and orchid heads down, finds a tomb which has breastplate, bracers, and his sword. triggers trap which fills with sand.

(intimacy of Dhany being a badass)

the circle fly back towards mada. Orchid heals Dhany who had spent a long time having electricity cursing through her.


The circle spend time in mada recooperating,



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