Legends of Creation

Boom Town

S3 E2

5 RW – Mada

The circle stay in an inn on the outskirts of Mada.

6RW – Mada
During the night Kyros gets a dream visit by Unfettered Eternal Brilliance, his necromancer best friend, to say that Serenity in Steel, had made it back on Haven by swimming. The trading fleet got hit by a well armed and organised band of ‘pirates’ that had quite a lot of Dragon-Blooded. The strike included a Water Aspect hitting the ships from below and repeated Flights of the Brilliant Raptor from above.

The circle spend the next week learning a bit more about Mada, updates now on the wiki entry for the city and empire.

Gold & copper are favoured as they are associated with the sun, where as silver is associated with the Lady and no one wants to draw her attention.

Orchid found out more on the local gods: –
– Ahlat also worshipped as god of the sun
– Sundrepa also popular, an Eastern god of war, primarily guerilla wars and similar tactics, but also Goddess of dinosaurs and similiar reptilian beasts
– Shines Down on High’s domain includes the city god (Khmada), all reptile gods are also under his domain, including a serpent goddess whose portfolio includes knowledge. Shines Down on High has a manse, at head the Khenu river (just past Atwak) and righteous pilgrims who make the journey to see him get an audience.
- Woman in White – prayed to in a ‘please don’t notice me’ way. She rules over local disease, famine, catastrophe spirits. Also includes some gods of healing and fertility. She is strong on hospiality rules – if you are in the desert and don’t offer to share camp/food she tends to smite you. Luck is blamed on her. Babies aren’t named till a year old, as its thought she won’t hurt them if they are unnamed.
-The Madaeans have picked up from the Pure Way the worship the Elemental Dragons, but that its blaphemous for humans to worship them – they have six dragons.
‘Great Solar Dragon’

Dhany spends time ingratiating herself with the ‘Toothless Viper Entertainers’ -a group of performers that aren’t terrible, they travel up and down the river across the Madean Empire. She instills in them hatred for Prasad and encourages them to start producing performances against said empire.

Fierce Orchid talks to the nomads, getting to know them in order to find out about locations of desert ruins.

During this time, Mahavir kept his ear to the ground, learning about the city and its people and trying to stay out of trouble. This knowledge is mostly reflected above or on the entry for Mada, but some secrets are only known to him.

13RW – Mada
The circle leave Mada, heading towards what they hope is Mahavir’s ancestral tomb. 4 days out, they tire of the trek and take a Stormwind Rider the rest of the way.

17RW – The desert near Prasad

The circle arrive at a black obelisk sticking out the sand. The Forbidden Monument. After they could discern no visible entrance, Fierce Orchid uncovers more of the monument with Stormwind Rider to reveal an entrance on each side of the monument. Inside the entrance was a carved rock plug, sealing a hole down. As the circle ponder what to do, the whole area goes white, and the whole circle, besides Mahavir, who dodged, get knocked backwards by a blast of essence lighting. While the others waited out of range of the blasts, not wanting to take any further damage, Mahavir went closer and made himself immaterial, in an attempt to see if he would still be hit. After dodging the first few blasts, which occurred every 10 minutes, he rematerialised at Orchid’s feet, smoking and stunned. The circle discussed their next steps for how to get into the tomb.



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