Legends of Creation

Raksha of the South East Deserts

S3 E5

25 leave for the wyld

27 AF

Mahavir senses that they are being watched and that something isn’t right, but by the time the ambush occurs the circle have let their guard down.

4 fair folk appear, summoning two battle groups. (Check?)

The circle cut through the first battle group, with Mahavir striking the final blow. Only to have the fair folk summon another much bigger battle group of faceless soldiers. The combat faulters into a grind. Until finally the fair folk get bored and run away, leaving the circle buried under a mound of soldiers. The fair folk let slip that they will be back with avengence.

Digging their way out of the mound of bodies the circle continue on their way to the Dragon King location.

8RF- arrive at DK outpost – with manse
find stuff out about great contagion – and bayloran crusade

Arriving at the Dragon King location, it turns out to be an outpost not the lost city. Teclotoa storms into it as it is clear there is some kind of barrier keeping the wyld at bay.

He walks straight up to a large ziaggarout and attempts to gain entry, when he is denied he demands the Solars do it, as it is locked down due to quarantine.

Kyros feeds essence into the lock and the doors open. Following Teclotoa they explore the building, which is a manse. In the lower levels they find a room full of mummified Dragon King corpses with their hearts ripped out, and one who had attempted to rip their own heart out. At the very bottom of the manse they come to a room with a mummified Dragon King slumped over a console. Teclotoa grabs up a crystal data pad??? And grumps. When Kyros asks what it says he shoved it over, luckily the language on the pad changes from Dragon King to old realm and Kyros is able to read it. (Insert diary link)

There are 7 pods in the room, Teclotoa opens them, raging that 4 of them are already dead.

3 Dragon Kings emerge from the pods. 2 large anklock and 1 smaller, skinnier one, a Raptok? One (which?) Runs over to Kyros shouting ‘what year is it?!’



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