Legends of Creation

A Tale of Two Princes

s2 E15

Dhany attends an orgy – to find out about astologers – Pherenikie said that prince Aetenti is better (as she is attractive etc) and not the other as he’s creepy

Prince Haal has been asking about Kyros & DHany

circle head off to meet Sorceror Prince Aetenti – they have to wait till late afternoon, as she had not yet risen (tall & slightly leaning tower) – she does not seem the type to keep secrets – she was oathbound by melati to not spill secrets
negotiations occur and she will only help if they give her one of the Ysr artifacts – the circle leave

next day they go visit Prince Ness – to see if he can’t be more accommodating
he will help but wants either a necromantic spell or Nafarie Half Dead……

That night Kyros is visted in his dreams by Unfettered Eternal Brilliance
Kyros asks for a necromantic spell & they converse about the curse

A few days later he comes back to Kyros and say’s that the curse is on Haven & that Serenity in Steel has some free time and so will come to Planquin & and will travel with the ships.

The Circle head off for a Guild Citidel to free slaves



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